Alamo Heights Christmas Lights 2023 – A Sparkling Holiday Tradition in San Antonio


Ah, the holidays in San Antonio. The air hums with carols, spiced aromas waft from cozy kitchens, and a festive spirit dances in the twinkling lights that blanket the city. But there’s a place where holiday cheer reaches epic proportions, where houses transform into shimmering wonderlands, and every turn unveils a dazzling dreamscape: Alamo Heights.

After making my way through the shimmering neighborhood, here are some tips I’ve got to share with you after experiencing the Alamo Heights Christmas Lights this year!

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Holiday Cheer at the Alamo Heights Christmas Lights 2023

Alamo Heights Christmas Lights 2023

Alamo Heights Christmas Lights 2023

Ready to see the epitome of the Christmas spirit? Then invite your family and friends, and head to Alamo Heights in San Antonio, where the houses are decked out in lights brighter than a million stars! For me, seeing the neighborhood was like stepping inside a Christmas fairytale. Imagine streets lined with glowing trees, houses wrapped in sparkling icicles, and yards bursting with twinkling snowmen, reindeer, and even a grinning Grinch or two!

When do the Alamo Heights Christmas Lights Start?

Everywhere you look, there’s something magical to see. It’s not just the lights that make this place special, though. It’s the way the whole community comes together to create this winter wonderland. I’d recommend heading out at sundown because the lights start at around 5:30 pm.

How do I see the 2023 Alamo Christmas Lights?

Alamo Heights Christmas Lights

Alamo Heights Christmas Lights | Image Credit: San Antonio Things to Do

If you can, drive through the Alamo Heights Christmas Lights! It may be one of the busier neighborhoods this holiday season but the streets are wide and you can see the different displays in one drive. Of course, you can park your car and make your way around walking but do note that it can get cold and busy because everyone’s there to make the most of the beautiful lights too!

What Else to Know About the Christmas Lights in Alamo Heights

2023 alamo christmas lights

Alamo Heights Christmas Lights | Image Credit: San Antonio Things to Do

The Alamo Heights Christmas lights are waiting to whisk you away on a dazzling journey through the heart of the holidays but there are a few things you should know before heading out. There were no restrooms or amenities around so make sure you’ve got your snacks and a plan beforehand!

If you do need to make a stop or buy something to drink, there’s a central market in the neighborhood so you can drop by the cafe as needed. Alamo Heights is conveniently located downtown too, so it’s easy to drive to and from hotels around the area. Happy sightseeing this holiday season!

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