Christmas lights in monte vista san antonio

Christmas Lights in Monte Vista, San Antonio

A fun and free way to make holiday memories are as simple as loading up the car and driving around the city to look at Christmas lights. If you’re near Downtown San Antonio, Monte Vista – north of Downtown, is always beautifully decorated! 

Monte Vista Lights Dates for 2021

House with christmas lights in San Antonio

Currently, houses in Monte Vista have their decorations up and on display for anyone who passes by to enjoy. Monte Vista houses are adding to their decorations or encouraging surrounding neighborhoods to place up their lights, so even if you want to drive-thru more than once, you’re sure to spy a new décor you haven’t seen before!

Many owners typically take their Christmas lights in Monte Vista down after New Year, so make sure to view them while you can.

What streets have the best Monte Vista lights?

House with christmas lights in monte vista san antonio

Since the lights in Monte Vista aren’t an official display, the entire neighborhood of Monte Vista is great for light viewing. If you put the zip code 78212 into your GPS, you will be taken to the right location and can start driving down any street that catches your eye. 

The best way is to start off McCullough Ave and turn onto E Kings Hwy and then make your way through the neighborhood following correct roadsigns.

Monte Vista Parking

Monte Vista is very spacious in its roads, making driving down the street easy. Many people choose to cruise down the street with Christmas music and hot cocoa and treat in their car. But, if you prefer to walk, we suggest parking on a side street in an area where you won’t get towed.

When is the best time to see Monte Vista lights?

Christmas lights in monte vista san antonio

The best time to see lights in Monte Vista is when the sun goes down. This gives the houses a chance to shine with the dark sky. However, if you want to beat the crowd getting there around 5:45 p.m. is a good time. The homes are lit throughout the entire week, so you can pick whichever day to see them, giving everyone a chance to take in the holiday spirit.


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