castle schloss sheppard

Credit: Airbnb

We noticed a lot of people were really interested in our story about how you could tour a medieval castle in Texas, so we thought we’d take it up a notch and let you know that you can literally rent a medieval fortress in Livingston!

Known as the Schloss Sheppard Castle, this Airbnb is essentially a German-inspired castle with a guest house included. It features 2 bedrooms with 3 beds and a single bath. It can accommodate up to 5 guests.

The furniture fits the theme, with throne chairs, a Medieval-Gothic styled canopy king bed, two chaise lounges with lion heads and paws, and an armored night. There’s even an antique wood burning stove to complete the look.

You also gain access to the castle guest house, which is a German Guest House replica similar to what you’d see in an ancient German village.

The castle balcony overlooks the property.

Looking for things to do? This remote retreat is nestled in the woods right near Lake Livingston. It includes access to a community pool, boat ramp, playground, pavilion, and grill. You also have access to a wood smoker, fire pit, picnic table, and more.

“Come enjoy the Lake Livingston Castle as King and Queen! Bring the Princes and Princesses to get away from the big city & enjoy a relaxing, quaint guesthouse that will accommodate up to 7 guests,” the listing says. “You can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, skiing, etc. right from our neighborhood private boat ramp/dock. Enjoy the wooded outdoor atmosphere by the fire pit, providing an old world & secluded feel!”

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Lynn Miller