world's largest cowboy boots

Credit: North Star Mall

San Antonio is an insanely popular destination for tourists from all over. After all, it’s popular to popular attractions such as the Alamo, the River Walk, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. However, there’s more to San Antonio than all the super touristy locations. In fact, there are some just downright unusual things to see in and around the city.

So without further ado, we’d like to offer up our list of the most unique, outside-of-the-box attractions to see while you’re visiting San Antonio.

Cool Things To do in San Antonio – Unique, Weird Places


1. The World’s Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic

1301 Guadalupe St, San Antonio, TX

Located at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, this giant Virgin Mary votive candle covers the outside of a four-story building. Some say it’s further back from the street than you might expect, so don’t miss it.


2. The World’s Largest Cowboy Boots

7400 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX


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Yeah did a touristy thing and hung around in front of a mall exit and the World’s Largest Cowboy Boots in San Antonio!! This will be a quick double post, still shot here then followed by a timelapse from day to night, different crops. #hubsunited #igersusa #ipulledoverforthis #hey_ihadtosnapthat #bestusapics #bestofthe_usa #visitusa #raw_nightshots #uas10k #longexposure_shots #nightshooterz #gramslayers #nightphotography #night_owlz #sanantonio #sanantoniotx #visitsanantonio #1longexposhot #amazing_longexpo #longexpo #longexpohunter #longexposure_shots #nightcreators #creativecontentbuilders #instasatx #lightjunkie #nightsh00terz #lighttrails #worldslargestcowboyboots #texastodo

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Everything is bigger in Texas… including cowboy boots. You can see these boots from Loop 410 at Northstar Mall.


3. The Alamo Cat Graves

300 Alamo Plz, San Antonio, TX

Whether you’ve already been to the Alamo or not, you’ve probably missed the Alamo Cat Graves. Another interesting site outside the norm is the line drawn in the sand near the Alamo entrance.


4. Miraflores Sculpture Garden

1234-1366 E Hildebrand Ave, San Antonio, TX


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The 1716 Stone. Along the Camino Real~new blog post at #caminoreal #mirafloressanantonio #quintaurrutia @tupress

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This decaying sculpture garden was created by  Dr. Aureliano Urrutia as a contemplative garden. It served as a reminder of his home, Xochimilco, Mexico. It’s currently undergoing restoration.


5. McNutt Sculpture Garden

210 W Market St, San Antonio Texas

Located at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, the McNutt Sculpture Garden is a hidden garden packed full of western art. The sculptures illustrate the storied history of the Wild West.


6. The Grotto

1277 Camden St, San Antonio, TX

These sculptures chiseled into the stone are one of the coolest spots along the River Walk. There are all sorts of hidden faces.


7. 2,500-Pound Wooden Nickel (and Museum)

345 Old Austin Rd, San Antonio, TX


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San Antonio for the Curious field trip 9/30/2017 #woodennickel #woodennickelmuseum #sanantonio #woodennickelfactory #printingonwood

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The world’s largest wooden nickel is right outside the Old Time Wooden Nickel Company, a small museum full of cool history and antiques.


8. Hot Wells Ruins

5503 S. Presa St, San Antonio, TX

The ruins of this former prohibition-era health spa and resort have been restored and make a great place to visit. Check it out at night when it’s all lit up.


9. Donkey Lady Bridge

Applewhite Rd, San Antonio, TX


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Day 15 of #31NightsOfHalloween Buried deep in the brutal roots of San Antonio’s prominent folklore is The Donkey Lady Bridge who’s ledgend some say came about in the 1950s, while others seem to think it’s been around since the 1800s. One version says it all started when a farming family living outside San Antonio met a horrific end. The farmer set fire to his home, murdered his children, and left his wife horribly disfigured. Her fingers were melted down to stumps, creating hoof-like appendages, and the skin on her face was charred and gave her face an elongated, donkey-like appearance. Grieving the loss of her children and the betrayal of her husband, she haunts Elm Creek and torments those who try to cross. Another says it wasn’t the farmer who caused the fire, but a stranger who came across the family in his travels. In this version, the family keeps a donkey, and the stranger begins to beat it mercilessly until they chase him away. Later that night, he returns and sets their home on fire, killing the farmer and the children. The mother forces her way out of the house, screaming in agony, her body already disfigured to resemble a donkey. She chases the cruel arsonists away and falls into the river, but her body is never found. That was the inspiration for this polish from @BeesKneesLaquer “The Donkey Lady ” a San Antonio exclusive polish I got from on Saturday #NikkiDoesNailArt #NikkiLovesNailArt #BeesKneesLaquer #sanantoniourbanlegends #SAUrbanLegends #UrbanLegend #DonkeyLadyBridge #Halloween #HalloweenNails #spookynails #GetSpooked #LetsGetSpooky #NailsOfTheDay #NailsOfInstagram #instanails #instanailart #nailswag #nails #nails4today #nails2inspire #nailsonfleek #nailporn NOTD #nailsnailsnails #MagneticNailPolish #MagneticPolish #Duochrome

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There are conflicting legends here, but the thing they share in common is a poor woman who was burned and disfigured to look like a donkey. She was purported to chase after the arsonists and fall into the river where she met her demise.


Magic lantern Castle Museum

San Fernando Cathedral City Centers


10. Haunted Railroad Tracks

2902 Shane Rd, San Antonio, TX


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Do not stop on tracks, unless you want a ghost child to push your car!!! #hauntedrailroadtracks #hauntedrailroadtrackssanantonio #ghostchild #igsanantonio #fujixt10 #fujifilm #bnw #bnw_life #railroad

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Located at the intersection of Shane Road and Villamain, the Haunted Railroad Tracks are home to an infamous urban legend in San Antonio. Here there was a school bus accident, and legend has it that some of the children’s ghosts remain there at the tracks.

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