Newman's Castle

Credit: Newman’s Castle Facebook

We’re not kidding. There is actually a medieval castle that is nestled into the hills of a Texas town and you can visit it. Newman’s Castle resembles something outside of a classic fairytale and has all of the quintessential castle features that will make your jaw drop when you visit, including a moat, a drawbridge, and even a dungeon.

Mike Newman takes up private residence in the castle and is the mastermind behind Newman’s Castle. Newman owns a bakery in Bellville, which is a quick road trip from San Antonio. While Newman’s bakery was plenty successful, this visionary “wanted to do more than make donuts,” as he reported to a local news station. That dream turned into building himself a giant castle.

Building the castle took Mike Newman several years and plenty of people questioned his sanity along the way. However, the castle is now fourteen years old, after being finished in 2006 and has become a popular tourist attraction across the hill country of Texas. Now mike wears a crown on guided tours as he shows guests around his breathtaking abode.

Amongst the sheer size and medieval architecture that the castle boasts, guests will also find a working drawbridge, a moat that houses an alligator, a great hall, towers, courtyards, and training grounds. Guests have the opportunity to see the entire castle and are encouraged to touch and play with all of the fun and strange things they run across on the tour.

To make a reservation, call Newman’s Bakery in Bellville, Texas. Since the castle is Mike Newman’s private residence, you’ll head to the bakery, pay the admission cost to tour the castle, and then you’ll receive the home address to take a tour. The tour is $20 a person.

The castle tour group does an excellent job of creating and hosting a very family-friendly environment that caters well to children. There are also plenty of fun activities for children to partake in at the castle, like being knighted with wooden swords. Your $20 ticket includes the tour and also covers lunch, donuts, and cookies. Newman also owns two Irish wolfhounds who love to sneak a donut when an unsuspecting visitor isn’t keeping their eyes on the treat, so beware.

Caroline Kidd