best snacks at buc-ee's

Photo credit: Buc-ee’s

No matter where your Texas road trip takes you, you’re sure to come across a Buc-ee’s – the perfect place to fuel up and use a really clean bathroom. However, that’s not all. Buc-ee’s has some really cool stuff. In fact, the stores are so large (and sometimes crowded) that it can be overwhelming and difficult to know what to get to eat.

But no worries. We’ve compiled a list of the best snacks to get at Buc-ee’s on your next stop. Check it out!


#1 Beaver Nuggets

One of the snacks Buc-ee’s is most known for, the Beaver Nuggets are the perfect snackable road trip treat. Just sweet enough similar to kettle corn, you can get a big bag to last the entire trip. Craving these but not hitting the road? You can now get them on Amazon here.


#2 Jerky

Buc-ee’s has around 15 different types of Jerky. 15. Have you seen that Jerky counter? It’s like 20 feet long. Of course, you might be overwhelmed with the choices, but don’t worry. Ask to sample whatever flavors you’re considering! (Also, try the Bohemian Garlic). Want their jerky now? Order here.


#3 Fudge

Looking for a sweet treat? In many of the Buc-ee’s travel centers, the fudge is located right next to the jerky. from Butterfinger to Birthday Cake to Chocolate Pecan, there’s plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth. Again, take advantage of the free samples.


#4 Cinnamon Pecans

The come warm in a paper cone. And you’ll eat them in all their cinnamon goodness. So maybe get two paper cones if you aim to share.


#5 Fresh Kolaches

We recommend getting these during the morning hours when they’re hot and fresh for the absolute best experience. A lot of people swear by the boudin ones.


#6 Cashews

At each register, at least in the Columbus location, there are fresh servings of salted cashews. They always get you at the counter!


#7 Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn

Cheesy, spicy, and ultra-addictive. Not really sure what else to say, except maybe you’re going to want a slushee or something to cool off that mouth.






Lynn Miller