Whether you’re passing through on your way to the West Coast, or you’re looking to explore all the weirdness and wildness of West Texas, there are plenty of things to see on your West Texas road trip. Below, we list 10 things you won’t want to miss.


#1 Fort Stockton’s Paisano Pete


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For Pete’s sake cover up #ftstockton #facemask #paisanopete

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Paisano Pete is an 11 feet tall, 22 feet long roadrunner that welcome’s you to the town of Fort Stockton. Oddly enough, he’s only the second largest roadrunner in the United States. The fiberglass statue used to be the largest, but in 1992 New Mexico installed a larger one. Pro tip: park at the Visitor’s Center to get your picture, as Pete is located at a busy intersection.


#2 The World’s Smallest Target Store

Located in between Marathon and Marfa, this roadside attraction is one you can enter. Just make sure to watch out for wasp nests. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase snacks or anything else at this Target store.


#3 Eve’s Garden Papercrete Bead and Breakfast


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Spiffy-ed up the north side of the atrium. Before and after shots.. Maybe by the end of this we’ll teach Fritz to paint. #evesgardenbnb #makingthebestofit

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Located in the tiny town of Marathon, Eve’s Garden might be the most unique bed and breakfast we’ve ever seen. Made of papercrete and painted in bright colors, the bead and breakfast features hand-built rooms with domed ceilings around a gorgeous courtyard. It even gets 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor. We toured the place and talked to the owner once when we were driving through town. Very friendly!


#4 Marfa Lights


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Dear July, please don’t be a bitch and bring an alien invasion to Earth. You can keep them in Marfa 👌🏻 • But seriously, all you believers out there need to check out the Marfa Lights! You will spot some spooky orbs if you’re lucky and there on a clear night like we were 👽 • • • • • #girlswhotravel #travelblog #dametraveler #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #ladiesgoneglobal #girlsdreamtravel #travelgirl #letsgoeverywhere #exploringtheglobe #femaletravelblogger #aroundtheworld #beautifuldestinations #travelgirlsgo #travellingthroughtheworld #darlingescapes #travelgram #girlslovetravel #girlsthatwander #thewanderlustfamily #wearetheexplorers #girlsvsglobe #travelwomen #travelinladies #femaletravel #marfa #marfatexas #marfalights #visitmarfa #aliens

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Strange lights in the middle of the desert that are still unexplained even in 2020. What more is there to say? Stop off at the viewing area at nightfall and wait patiently. Cross your fingers and you just might experience the Marfa Lights!


#5 Chinati Foundation Museum


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JUDD. ⬜️ #donaldjudd #chiantifoundation ⬛️

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This art museum in Marfa is housed in a former US Calvary outpost. While there’s plenty to see inside, the real attraction is all of the giant concrete boxes outside. Take a walking tour and you’re sure to be amazed.


#6 Prada Marfa

There’s more to this tiny store than the small Target store for sure. However, you still can’t buy anything there! That said, this is one of the most popular offbeat photo ops in all of West Texas, so make sure you don’t miss it.


#7 Contrabando Abandoned Movie Set


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Contrabando movie set, Big Bend Ranch State Park. . . . . #bigbend #texas #bigbendranchstatepark #contrabandomovieset #texaslandscape #traveltexas

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If you’re out in Big Bend, this is a good stop for you. One, because it’s an abandoned movie set and that’s just cool. But also, one of the two remaining buildings is now a bathroom, so it makes for the perfect stop out in the middle of nowhere!


#8 Rattlers and Reptiles Museum


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Most people drive to Fort Davis to tour the old fort, visit the McDonald Observatory, or just be in the mountains. But we highly suggest you add this stop to your list. This weird hole-in-the-wall museum is packed full of venomous animals, including a ton of snakes. If it sounds scary, well, it kind of is. Don’t worry too much though, the people there are nice and informative.


#9 Terlingua Ghost Town


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Terlingua Ghost Town has gained much recognition as a West Texas must-see in the last few years. It’s not fabricated – it’s an honest to goodness old miner’s town that went bust. Degraded buildings, mine shafts, and some friendly locals roughing it out in the Wild West. There are some cool places to stay too!


#10 Deer Horn Tree


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Deer horn tree

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Okay, calling it “West Texas” may be a bit of a stretch, but Junction is sometimes referred to as the “Front Porch of West Texas.” Whether you consider it actually in West Texas or not, you’re likely going to pass through on your way. If you veer off from the main highway and drive through town, not only are you going to pass over a rive on an old bridge that offers really nice scenery, but you’ll eventually come across this Deer Horn Tree. It’s made of wire and covered with deer antlers. Stop off, stretch your legs, and take some photos.

Lynn Miller