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During these difficult times, many people are looking for ways to get out to break up the monotony while still remaining socially distant. And road trips are one of the best ways to accomplish this (and it’s no surprise that our Texas Road Trip Guide is one of our most popular articles).

But when it comes to taking a road trip, the destination is only part of the fun. The journey itself is a huge part! So to help you fill out those road trips with cool things to see, we’ve composed this list of Texas roadside attractions you absolutely need to stop for as you travel our great state!


#1 Stonehenge II

Ingram, TX

About an hour and a half northwest of San Antonio lies Ingram, TX, which holds one of the coolest roadside attractions in Texas, Stonehenge II. This art installation conceived by Al Shepperd and built with the help of Doug Hill is 60% as tall and 90% as wide as the original, making it nearly as impressive. The artist also created two 13 feet tall Easter Island heads which are also displayed onsite.


#2 The World’s Smallest Target Store

Marathon, TX


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Just finished my first day at my new store! #MarathonTarget #SmallestTarget

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When you head out of Marathon towards Alpine in West Texas, you’ll come across the World’s Smallest Target Store, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. This empty “store” used to be an old railroad structure. And no one knows how it got there! You can take a peak inside, but watch out for wasp nests!


#3 Prada Store

Marfa, TX

Farther west of the Target Store lies Marfa, the hipster capital of West Texas. Head west out of town and you’ll find a tiny Prada Store. We say tiny, but it’s not quite as small as Marathon’s Target. But, it’s still really small. It’s also more detailed than the Target, but you can’t go inside.


#4 Falkenstein Castle

Burnet, TX

Here’s another gem of a Texas roadside attraction that’s nestled in the hill country. This castle was built after Terry and Kim Young visited  Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The couple returned home full of inspiration and decided to build their own. It’s gorgeous and you can get a great view of it from the neighboring hill. However, you can’t go inside, as it’s a private residence.


#5 Eiffel Tower

Paris, TX

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France might be the most popular, but the city of Paris in the Lone Star state has its very own Texan version. The dark metal replica is adorned with a giant cowboy hat. See, told y’all it’s the Texan version.


#6 Dinosaur World

Glen Rose, TX


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More than 100 dinosaur replicas adorn this 20-acre property. Walk around and see them all, then head to the gift shop or try the mining experience. Each dinosaur has a sign that explains them, so it’s not only fun, but educational!


#7 Cadillac Ranch

Amarillo, TX


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The Rancho

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#7 on our list might be the most famous in Texas, Amarillo’s Cadillac Ranch. This stop consists of ten Cadillacs buried nose-first in the sand.  Don’t forget your spray paint so you can add your mark to the art installation!


#8 Old Tunnel State Park

Fredricksburg, TX


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The Old Tunnel at Old Tunnel State Park was built for the Fredericksburg and Northern Railway that hauled cotton from Fredericksburg to the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway in the early 1900’s. The tunnel was built through a hill to save the cotton industry from having to haul cotton all the way to Kerrville Tx which is as far as the SA&AP railway ran. Who knew that part of the Tx hill country was known for cotton production in the early part of 20th century?? The tunnel is now home to migratory Mexican Freetailed Bats and I cant wait to go back when they are there and see them emerge in clouds of amazement!! 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 #oldtunnelstatepark #texasstateparksandwildlife #texashistory #texasthroughherlens #mexicanfreetailedbats #inspiretexasnow

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It might be the smallest state park in Texas, but the Old Tunnel Stat Park is a can’t-miss attraction featuring an old railroad tunnel that is home to over a million bats.  A short nature trail takes you down to the front of the tunnel that is filled with bats from May through October.


#9 The Munster Mansion

Waxahachie, TX

The Munsters was a fun old TV show. The house in the show was iconic.  And if you enjoyed it, then you absolutely need to see this room-by-room recreation by Sandra and Charles McKee. You can just view it from the outside, or book a private tour for up to for for $120.



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