Looking for a unique, serene hill country getaway? Want to get out of town and experience breathtaking views, but be close enough in to partake in some action if you so choose? Then check out the Hill Country Tower.

Located in Boerne, TX, this Airbnb is an easy drive from San Antonio, and only a few hours from Austin or even Houston. It has one bedroom with a king-sized bed, and one bathroom, making it the perfect romantic getaway.

From the listing:

This is the perfect retreat spot for anyone wanting to trade the noise of the city for a peaceful weekend filled with Hill Country views and stars you can actually see at night. The 3 story fully-outfitted tower, designed by a prestigious local architect is topped off by a deck that overlooks over 100 acres of pristine, undeveloped Hill Country property.

The location is only five minutes from downtown Boerne, a thriving Hill Country town with old German charm. there’s plenty to do and see, from shopping and dining, to Boerne Lake.

Take a look at this view!

You’re sure to see plenty of wild life, stars, and more. And there’s good hiking too. See what dates are available here. 


Lynn Miller