It’s no secret that Texas is well known for a unique culture, animal life, and list of things to do. Unique Airbnb’s in Texas is certainly no exception. With the coronavirus continuing to spread, plenty of families are looking for fun and atypical social distancing activities that they can participate in. Have you thought about a minivacation in one of the seven most unique Air BnB’s in Texas?


# 1 Your Very Own Private Paradise

This property is named Your Very Own Private Paradise in Dallas, Texas, and rightly so. The house comes with 7 bedrooms, 16 beds, 5 bathrooms, and can hold more than 16 guests. This safe haven is only 15 miles away from Downtown Dallas and can be found on 10 private acres. It also comes with an amazing pool that will make you think you’re in a water park because of the 25-foot slide, the beautiful grotto, and the mushroom splash pad. There are also a few sports courts on the campus, a gazebo, and a game room. Once you check out this Dallas Airbnb, you’ll never want to leave.


#2 New Braunfels Treehouse

This beautiful Air BnB property is in New Braunfels, Texas, which is only about an hour outside of San Antonio. This massive treehouse is a two-bedroom, one bath and is actually only one of the four treehouses that can be found on the property. This treehouse compound comes with a beautiful shared pool that comes with a swim-up bar, a hot tub, and a spot where children can splash around in the water and play. Along with the cabana nearby, the Guadalupe river that’s only a short drive away and Lake Dunlap that’s even closer, your family will stay entertained all weekend in this unique Airbnb.


#3 The Nest

 Glen Rose, Texas may not be a well-known spot, but it should be even only because of this beautiful property called The Nest that you can rent out through Airbnb. If you’re looking for a rustic weekend getaway from the fast-paced life of the city, this is the spot to travel to. This half-tree house, half-cabin is nestled into the wild countryside with a one bedroom one bath set up.  It is the perfect place to kick back, unplug, and enjoy a long weekend in one of Texas’ most unique Airbnbs.


#4 Fixer Upper’s Famous Barndominium

This unique Airbnb can be found in Lacy Lakeview, Texas, and is Fixer Upper’s Famous Barndominium Set on 16 Acres. This property is another small-town escape that has all of the HGTV stylings of being a Fixer Upper property. Chip and Joanna Gains turned this old horse barn into a stunning barndominium. There’s no tv or wifi, so if you’re looking for the perfect place to unplug in the most relaxing aesthetic to do it in, this is the place to go.


#5 Antique Train Car 

This Fredericksburg Airbnb is truly one of a kind. How many of you can say that you’ve ever had the desire to spend the night in an old fashioned train car and actually got to? You’ll be able to answer in the affirmative after spending the weekend here. This one-bedroom two-bath property is actually a converted old-time train car. The best part is that the property is walking distance from Fredericksburg’s well known main street, making it the perfect location to explore the city from. Back when the train car was actually functional, important passengers such as Theodore Roosevelt had taken a ride and now you can stay there for only $250/night.  


#6 The German Castle at Livingston Lake

castle schloss sheppard

This unique Airbnb can be found in Livingston, Texas, and replicates a German medieval fortress. The Schloss Sheppard Castle is not the only castle you can visit in Texas, but this location is available for an entire weekend, not just a tour. If you love the Medieval-style Gothicism that encompasses the old world, this weekend getaway will be a perfect place to step back in time for the weekend.  The kingdom also comes with a guesthouse and the property can be found in the woods of Lake Livingston.


#7 The Covered Wagon

This may be one of the most unique Airbnb’s in Texas yet. Located in Fredericksburg, Texas, much like the renovated train car, this covered wagon can act as a weekend time machine as well. Harken back to the pioneer days when life in covered wagons was the norm. But, fast forward to 2020 and do it glamping style. The 220-square-foot wagon is a replica of the Conestoga wagon that actually traveled to Fredericksburg 150 years ago. Right beside the wagon is a small cabin with a private shower and toilet. There’s also a fire pit outside the wagon, so you can sit under the stars at night.

Caroline Kidd