We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, West Texas is wonderfully weird. And here’s another great example of it – you can camp out in a beached yacht at Tin Valley Retro Rentals. Deemed the “Rondavous Land Yacht,” this beached yacht is 35 miles out from Terlingua.

And oddly enough, it’s also advertised as “clothing optional!” making it the perfect secluded place to work on your tan (perhaps while sipping ranch water on the deck).

The property is good for two guests, with one bedroom, one bathroom. There’s a composting toilet outside and a shower and house flushing toilet nearby. There’s also propane for heating, cooking, and other needs.

And it starts at only $85 a night. It’s a truly unique camping experience!

The owner of the site also encourages creating art and leaving it behind, as well as throwing pennies on the ground, as she believes copper is good energy and looks cool as well.

Tin Valley Retro Rentals was featured on the Netflix show, “Badlands, Texas.” The site features 90 acres with surrounding mountains. It’s also close to Big Bend National Park, the Rio Grande, and Big Bend State Park.

To learn more about the rental and view more pictures of the property, click here.





Lynn Miller