As summer comes to a close and fall is rapidly approaching, the San Antonio Botanical Garden has decided to open a new exhibit that features the Japanese art of paper folding by opening an origami exhibit.  OrigamiintheGarden² will open on Saturday, September 19th, and remain open until May 9th.

Origami first originated when Japanese monks began folding paper for religious services and ceremonies as early as the 6th century. However, as paper became more easily accessible, origami’s popularity grew and slowly spread beyond The exhibit, which creators Jennifer and Kevin Box named OrigamiintheGarden², will house and display pieces made of metal that depict origami paper art. The creative twist that the Box’s have implemented into their pieces has art gurus all over the city of San Antonio buzzing with excitement for the opening of the new exhibit.

The exhibit will also come equipped with many activities to get patrons involved. Getting garden guests involved with a fun and educational origami activity is an excellent way to break up potential, if not occasional, monotony that may arise when simply walking around a room to view an exhibit. When you visit the origami exhibit and get to engage in fun and e The first weekend will be replete with guided and self-guided tours, fun origami-inspired activates a cash bar and delectable food prepared by the talented celebrity chef Jason Dady. As the new exhibit opens, it’s clear that the garden plans to throw a fun and interactive party to invite guests to experience the newest collection.

Activities are scheduled to commence on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Storyteller Sue Kuentz will also be making an appearance on Saturday only to help christen the new exhibit. Admission rates will be $15 for adults, $13 for students and those with a military ID, and $12 for children 3-13.