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RV Rental Tips From First Time Renter

My husband and I have discussed time and time again the idea of an RV road trip and like many other people decided this summer was the perfect time to give it a try. We hit the open road with some best friends and since then have had a lot of friends and family ask us questions about the experience. Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime and something we want to do again. Thanks to our friends at RVshare, we’re bringing you our top 5 lessons from life on the road.

5 RV Rental Tips from a first time RV Renter

1. Ask lots of questions to the RV Owner or RV Rental place


When you embark on any vacation, the first day is very exciting and you’re ready to get things going. While resorts or hotel-based vacations allow for you to settle right into vacation mode, it’s very important with an RV trip to be diligent in the first few hours as you learn the mechanics of living in a motorhome. One takeaway was that we should have spent more time asking questions – we figured things out over time, but we could have saved ourselves some time and frustration if we spent more time with the owner before heading out.


2. Set your expectations for the trip


If this is your first time renting an RV, it’s important to go into the trip realizing the first few days are going to have a learning curve. Once you give yourself 24-48 hours to figure out all the bells, whistles, and logistics of the RV it becomes very simple and easy. We were really surprised by how quickly we could hook up at our campsites and be ready to adventure.


3. Understand RV park requirements

One thing we hadn’t spent much time considering was the limitations of the RV through tunnels, narrow roadways, etc. While planning out your stops, research height limitations and any other obstacles to making your way down the road. We also ran into some road-closures that re-routed us a few hours here and there. Nothing that can’t be easily resolved, but knowing these things ahead of time is helpful.

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4. Have alternative transportation

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We knew that it would probably be handy to have a car, motorcycle, etc. to get around, and boy, were we right! While we were able to find shuttles and taxis to the places we needed to go – it was not always very reliable and definitely not convenient. Our number one takeaway would be to have a secondary form of transportation – even if that means a bike! Most places you want to go are not that far, but adding an extra mile or two onto an already full day of hiking/activities could be easily eliminated.


5. Relaxation comes easy on an RV trip

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As someone who has not camped much or ever used an RV I wasn’t sure if this would be a very relaxing trip. Boy was I wrong! The RV parks were quiet and the people were very friendly. Outside of the amazing sites we saw, spending the evenings cooking food and laughing with friends in beautiful scenery made for a great week away to recharge.


After taking the plunge and getting a full RV indoctrination, my husband and I agree this was one of our favorite adventures to date. We would highly recommend an RV trip to anyone searching for a few days or even weeks away. Our full RVshare review has a lot more info on using this cool service that’s like the Airbnb of RVs.

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