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Rent an RV from RVshare For Your Next Family Getaway

The pandemic and remote work have completely changed the way we approach work and school. Families have realized they could do their jobs from anywhere in the country. With summer winding down and cooler temperatures beckoning, many families are wondering what vacation will look like in this new world. We’re giving you the top five reasons why you should rent an RV from RVshare  for your next family getaway!

With RVshare, the largest RV rental marketplace, you and your family can hit the open road for a family vacation in a safe way.

Top Five Reasons to Rent an RV From RVshare


1. Provides You and Your Kids an Immediate Escape from the Virtual World

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Parents with children know that the last year has been anything but a walk in the park. If your year has included Zoom after Zoom and indoor activities, everyone in your family is likely itching to take a trip and get away from your devices. RVshare provides your family an easy escape to the outdoors and provides you access to national parks, like The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, lakes, beaches, and more. 


2.Your Four-Legged Friends Can Join Along

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You can’t leave out Fido! Looking to bring your pups along for the ride? Not a problem. RVshare offers pet-friendly RVs so you can take your four-legged friends with you for the trip, helping you save on the cost of a pet sitter or boarding. RVshare makes it easy to search for these types of vehicles: in the search section of the site, just select “Allows Pets” as a filter to see your options.


3. Allows You to Experience the Great Outdoors While Providing Comfort


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Let’s face it: while the idea of camping outdoors in a tent appears to be relaxing from a distance, but the reality is often unwanted pests, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and a lot of questions about where the closest restroom is. RVshare allows you to experience the outdoors, but select the luxury needs that are right for your family RVshare features options in their search like air conditioners, TVs, and a slide-out in order to find the luxuries your family needs to have a relaxing vacation.


4.Flexible Travel Plans and Delivery

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Traveling with little ones isn’t all that easy. Picking up an RV in advance of your trip may seem daunting, but RVshare will actually deliver your RV right to your door or final travel destination if you select that option. Many travelers love the idea of camping in an RV without actually driving it, and RVshare makes this possible. Taking “glamping” to a new level, the RV delivery option saves time and allows the actual RV owner to drive and deliver the vehicle to the location of your choice. Once your RV arrives, the owner will set up and tear down – talk about luxury! Choosing delivery is an easy option, and allows you to select specific locations to deliver the RV to, such as the campsite your family is going to, or the airport you’re flying into. Additionally, you can select a custom location that’s near the RV. If you need to make a change in your trip, fear not: RVshare allows you to select a Flexible, Standard, or Strict cancellation when searching for vehicles.


5. RVshare is Catered to Your Unique Travel Budget

The cost of the RV you want to rent completely lies in your hands. You’re able to cut down on costs, or add-on luxuries that fit the needs of your family budget. While the cost of the RV depends on what you choose to rent, we’ve seen RV’s for a family of four as low as $99 a night! RVshare’s search feature allows you to select the price points that work for your budget and provides you with available options. RVshare also gives ave the freedom to select the length – so if you know you’re youngest only can handle a night or two away from home, there’s plenty of RV’s that are available for that duration.

With many flexible options that fit the unique needs of your family, there’s no reason not to use RVshare and hit the open road!


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