Things to Do in KerrvilleKerrville, Texas can be found nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, right on the banks of the beautiful Guadalupe River, making a great road trip destination, about 30 minutes north of Boerne on I-10. Kerrville has an excellent reputation for friendly people fresh, dry air, and plenty of outdoor relaxation and adventure. If you’re looking for things to do in Kerrville, Texas, we’ve put together a comprehensive and helpful guide below. Keep reading!


Outdoor Fun

1. Go Golfing – Kerrville offers two private and one public golf course in the city. However, if those three aren’t fitting, there are plenty more that are within 30 minutes of the city. there are two private and one public golf course in Kerrville and several good courses within 30 minutes. This is a great activity to do in Kerrville.
2. Go Biking – The Hill Country of Kerrville is filled with excellent bak roads and mountains that are fun to explore on a bike. There are beautiful biking trails at the Hill Country State Natural Area in Bandera, and at Kerrville-Schreiner State Park.
3. Visit the Ingram Dam – The Ingram Dam is close to town and is a spot locals love to boat, ski, sail, and fish.
4. Get in the water – the scenic and refreshing Guadalupe River runs through the city and offers visitors the chance to swim, fish, canoe, boat, kayak, or just enjoy some relaxing time on the river bank.
5. Visit Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Resort – the kids are going to love all of the amenities and things to do at Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Park and you’ll enjoy the campsites and great cabins along the Guadalupe River and saloon.
6. See the Mexican Free-tailed Bats– Kerrville is well known for the evening departure of 4 million Mexican Free-tailed Bats that swarm out of the largest cavern in Texas at Devil’s Sinkhole.


Food and Drink

7. Check out Inn of the Hills – the Inn of the Hills has some good country and western country music. They also have a fun bar and a hoppin dancefloor that will make anyone who’s not already a Texas two-stepper.  This is a great thing to do in Kerrville.

8. Eat at 1011 Bistro– Those who are visiting Kerrville love to eat at 1011 Bistro. Each table in the restaurant has a breathtaking view of the Guadalupe and guests can see the river through floor to ceiling windows. However, it’s hard to beat sitting outside on the patio that looms just above the water.

9. Alcapulco Mexican Food- Alcapulco gives guests a delicious, authentic Mexican food experience. The restaurant is painted with Mexican-inspired decor and they have plenty of room for large parties. Their enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and many other dishes are highly revered by the Kerrville locals.

10. Bella Vita Italian Restaurant-  Beautiful Bella Vita overlooks the Guadalupe River to give guests an intimidate Italian atmosphere. Bella Vita offers all the classic Italian staples that come to mind like including chicken, seafood, and steaks that are fresh to order. The restaurant also has a fireplace and wine display to help create an ambiance. Art and History



11. Kerrville Renaissance Festival: The Kerrville Renaissance Festival is a great way to be exposed to some fun and exciting culture. As visitors, locals, and vendors alike dress up to imitate the renaissance age, costumed or not, guests can buy charms, trinkets, art, costumes and delicious food that will take you back in history.

12. Play Cowboy:  What better way to explore the Kerrville hill country than on the back of a horse?  Rancho CortezY.O. Ranch or Mo-Ranch are all great ranches in Kerrville that offer their guests the highest quality service and the most fun.

13. The Kerrville Folk Festival: The festival comes to town in May and June and provides its guests with plenty of awesome music. From your favorite big name folk artists, to those who are just starting out, the Kerrville Folk Festival  will be sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment.

14. Take a Drive: There are so many fun and beautiful places to explore and the best place to get to them is by car. Most people enjoy driving over to the old Ingram loop, then like to head up north on 1340 and drive the North Fork of the Guadalupe River.

15. See the Dinosaur Tracks in Bandera: There are cool Dinosaur Tracks in Bandera that are fun to take your whole family to see.

16. Visit any park: All of the parks in Kerrville are a great place to have a picnic, go swimming or even play a few group sports like volleyball or softball.



17. Downtown Kerrville: Downtown Kerrville is filled with quaint shops and eateries that really bring out the town’s charm. Walking around and finding a unique spot to stop in for lunch or buy something is always a fun activity.

18.Visit James Avery: If you like James Avery jewelry, they have a campus in Kerrville. It’s the perfect place to stop off and buy a gift for someone. This is a great thing to do in Kerrville.

19. The Ingram Loop: The Ingram Loop, a shopping center, is in Ingram Texas. Ingram is a small town just outside of Kerrville and is a great place to find down-home unique gifts for your home, your friends, or yourself.

20.  The Shops on Water Street: The Shops on Water Street are filled with antique shops, gift shops and are the perfect place to stumble upon some interesting Kerrville history. If you’re looking to go antiquing, the shops on Water Street is the place to do it.
21. Fredericksburg: Fredericksburg isn’t a far drive from Kerrville and the historic German settler town is well known for its rolling hills, great eateries, and delicious wine. Visit a winery and buy a local bottle to bring home in Fredericksburg, Texas.
22. Boerne: Boerne is a small country town just outside of San Antonio. It’s not a far drive from Kerrville and when travelers go to Boerne, they usually come back with fun gifts, a momento to remember their time, and plenty of outdoor fun memories.
23. Comfort: Comfort Texas is a small town close to Kerrville that’s filled with wonderful places to antique. If you don’t find any shops in Kerrville that interest you, heading to comfort to pillage through some of the small town stores is a great way to find an unexpected treasure.

Art & History 

24. Hill Country Museum: Do you love history? Or are you curious about the settlers who originally came to the hill country? This museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon and learn about the people who first lived here, their way of life, and the history they’ve left behind.

25. Kerr Arts and Culture Center: This place is the heart of the arts in Kerrville, Texas. The Kerr Arts and Culture Center specializes in rotating exhibits that always have free admission. The gift shop is also filled with handcrafted items made by their member artists.

26. Museum of Western Art 

The Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas, is an art museum that is dedicated to the American West. Art patrons will see influences from Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. The museum also has an art library and teaching facilities.

27. The Coming King Sculpture Center: This rare treasure in the middle of Texas Hill Country is visible from IH10 but the enormity of it is only really appreciated up close. The religious sculpture garden is worth the price of admission and the time spent exploring.

28. Riverside Nature Center Association: The Riverside Nature Center Association in Kerrville is dedicated to discussing and showing exhibits of the local environment. There is also trail access around the association for hiking and is a great thing to do in Kerrville.

29. River’s Edge Gallery:  The River’s Edge Gallery is a well-known gallery in town that boasts cutting edge contemporary and modern art. All their artists have been busy painting new works to fill their huge facility.

30. Great Western Cattle Trail Historical Landmark Ingram Tx: In Ingram, Texas, a small town on the outskirts of Kerrville, travelers will find a great western cattle trail landmark. It shows the thoroughfare where cowboys used to take their cows to market and is of great interest for anyone who cares about the cowboy history of Texas.


Have you done any of these? Have something else fun to do in or around Kerrville? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Caroline Kidd