best places to study in san antonio

When you need to cram before a big final, you don’t need to waste any time looking for a good place to study. We’ve rounded up the best list of coffee shops, pubs, tea houses, and more where you can crack open the books and settle in. You may also want to try the San Antonio Public Library or UTSA Library systems for a study date on the cheap.

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Indy Coffee- Located right across the street from UTSA, Indy Coffee is easy to get to. The coffee is great, and the music is good. But keep in mind, it’s pretty small, so it can fill up quickly.

Halcyon Coffee Bar– Don’t let this comfy, cozy restaurant fool you — their food is five-star. They also serve coffees and have a full bar. Go early- it gets most crowded in the evenings, but if you can find a good spot, it’s one of the best places to study in San Antonio.

White Elephant Coffee Company– For an intimate study location, this cozy coffee bar is great. They offer food, drinks, and WiFi.

Candlelight Coffee House– This coffee house, restaurant, and wine bar has it all. They occasionally have live music in the evenings so if quiet study time is your thing, call ahead.

The Brown Coffee Company-This is a coffee shop for coffee snobs. If you’re into new brews, artisan beans, and coffee you can drink black, this is the spot. Their menu is simple but they have plenty of seating.

Olmos Perk– This locally owned coffee house serves coffee, tea, and light bites. They also have wifi and a great patio.

Estate Coffee Company This downtown coffee house is famous for their honey lavender latte and beautiful pastries sourced from local bakeries.

Folklores Coffee House– For artsy inspiration, you can’t get much better than this coffee bar on the South side. This is the coffee-answer to fruit shops. Check out their loaded oatmeal and the bananas foster latte.

Black Rifle Coffee- If you’re out in Boerne, Black Rifle Coffee has strong coffee and plenty of space for you to spread out and get your study on.


Sweet Treats

The Art of Donut– For something sweet and truly unique, check out this one of a kind donut shop. Their What The French Toast donut gets rave reviews. They also have free WiFi, making it a good place to study or work in San Antonio.

La Boulangerie– This coffee house and restaurant offers delicious pastries, crepes, quiches, and more. They also offer free WiFi.

Rise Bakery & Cafe– This technically falls under the restaurants category but we can’t resist their desserts. The cinnamon roll and beignets are heavenly.

Arctic Apes Wild Desserts– For delicious frozen yogurt and any toppings you like, you can’t go wrong with Arctic Ape. They also have free WiFi.


Pubs & Restaurants

Flying Saucer– This beer emporium boasts more than 200 beers. They also have delicious pub fare, happy hours, and stay open late.

Boss Bagels– This amazing bagel joint also serves decent coffee, tea, smoked fish, sandwiches, and more. They also have WiFi and outdoor seating.

Cafe Martinez– Although this place is mainly a coffee joint, they offer delicious Argentinian light bites and other entrees. The cafe is usually quiet with a lot of orders to go.

Savoureaux Patisserie– For a variety of Vietnamese sandwiches and French desserts, try this patisserie near North Star Mall. They offer free WiFi and small cafe tables.

Buon Giorno Cafe– This is another cafe whose desserts and sweet treats we can’t resist. Their famous home made Italian desserts are just the right sugar- fix for all of your study needs.


Tea & Boba

Snopioca Taiwan invented Bubble Tea and their own version of snow- cones. This restaurant offers WiFi, fruit, shaved ice, Boba tea, and more.

Brews Lee Tea This place is the king of Boba. Try their split tea- you can have any two flavors! They also offer WiFi.

Tea Time– You’ll want to have a meal before you go, this place is strictly tea. That said, their tea is awesome! They have plenty of seating and free WiFi.


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