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Spring Break is right around the corner San Antonio! Keeping kids busy is going to be a priority. While Spring Break is no doubt an excellent time to recharge, if a family decides to stay at home, parents can often be left with a surplus of unstructured time with their kids. If you’re looking for a helpful spring break guide that will keep the kids busy over the coming weeks, check out our list of ideas below.

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25 At Home Spring Break Ideas That Can Be Done Last Minute And On A Budget!!!

  1. Camp in the backyard- Grab your family and pitch a tent in the backyard. Spring break weather is the perfect camping weather and doing it in the backyard makes it easy and fun.
  2. Family movie night- Is there a movie out that you and the family have been dying to see? Now’s the time to stream it using this great offer from Disney+ and relax together.
  3. Order in from your favorite restaurant– Let the kids pick a meal from their favorite San Antonio restaurant and get it delivered by using the convenient Postmates or similar food delivery service.
  4. Puzzle- Puzzles are a great way to fill slow days. It’s an activity that all of the family can do together and it also keeps your kid’s minds working as they fit together different pieces. Check out these highly rated puzzles, all under $25!
  5. Have a neighborhood play date- If you live in a neighborhood with other kids, pick a backyard and have a playdate.
  6. Go for a hike– Again, Spring Break weather is usually the perfect time to get outdoors. Grab your kids and go for a hike out in nature. It’s a great way to burn some energy and also stretch your legs. Check out our list of 6 best hikes within San Antonio city limits! 
  7. Plan a BBQ- You can make this a family event or open it up to the neighborhood friends. But bbq in the backyard on paper plates is always a great at home spring break activity. 
  8. Balloon tennis- Blow up some balloons and spike them across the house. First one who lets the balloon touch the floor loses!
  9. Rock painting- This activity is great because it’s low maintenance. All you need is some paint and a rock from the backyard and kids will stayed entertained for hours. Here are some highly rated Rock Painting Kit options for under 25! This tried and tested option is one of our best ideas for your Spring Break at home!
  10. Freeze dance- The name pretty much explains it all. Dance until someone says freeze!
  11. Obstacle course- This can be indoor or outdoor and is a great way for active kids to stay entertained.
  12. Top 10 list- Have your kids make top 10 lists of anything! Favorite books to read, activities to do, or even movies to see. Then try to complete the list as a family.
  13. Slip-n-slide- Grab a tarp and some dish soap and turn your backyard into a party!
  14. Bake cookies- A great post slip-n-slide treat.
  15. Blow bubbles- Fun, easy and interactive at home spring break activity!
  16. Wall art- All you need is a big canvas to hang against the wall. Let your kids paint and draw whatever they want. The best part is that this can be an indoor, outdoor or garage activity.
  17. Plant a garden- Spring is the perfect time to let your kids help you with a garden in the backyard.
  18. Have a backyard smores night- Fire pit, chocolate and graham crackers under the stars sounds like the perfect relaxing family night to me. Make it easy. Get this convenient smores kit delivered to you! 
  19. Scavenger hunt- You can make the scavenger hunt as big as around the neighborhood, or as small as in the living room.
  20. Car tracks on the floor- Painter’s tape on the floor acts as a car track and will keep kids entertained for hours. This is a great at home spring break activity.
  21. Ball toss- All you need is any kind of ball and big buckets or trash cans for kids to throw them into! Keep score and the winner gets to face mom or dad.
  22. Family talent show- Let your kiddos show off their skills in a living room talent show.
  23. Game night- The classic standby. Check out this list of Top rated games, all under $25!
  24. Opposite day- Opposite day means kids are in charge all day and breakfast is for dinner. This at home spring break activity is always fun.
  25. Read a story together- Let kids pick their favorite book and read it together as a family. Here are the editor chosen Best Children’s Books for 2020! One of our top ideas for your Spring Break at home!

What are some other at home Spring Break activities you can do? Comment below with your ideas.


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Caroline Kidd