bluebonnets in san antonio

Every Spring, Texans look forward to stepping outside and seeing the beautiful state flower bloom. Families flock to parks and fields, trying to snap the best photos of their babies playing in the flowers. San Antonio bluebonnet fields can vary year to year, but thankfully, there are certain prime spots that seem to always flourish this time of year.

But before we talk about where to find bluebonnets in San Antonio in 2020, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Respect nature–The bluebonnets in San Antonio are beautiful and we want to keep them that way. When you go to visit a bluebonnet field, be very careful walking around. Don’t trample the flowers and do not pick them! And if you see a bluebonnet patch in someone’s yard or private property, do not enter.
  • Stay safe–In your excitement to enjoy the bluebonnets and to take your photos, don’t be careless and disregard safety. Some San Antonio bluebonnet patches may be near busy roads, so make sure your kids don’t run out into traffic. Also, be on the lookout for ant beds, mosquitoes, and even snakes in some cases.
  • Don’t hog the spotlight–There’s a good chance you won’t be the only one visiting the bluebonnet patch. If others are around, make sure you’re sharing the space and everyone gets a chance for their photo op. Please do not block traffic or driveways.



Please keep in mind that by no means does this list detail every single San Antonio-area bluebonnet patch. Additionally, things can change quickly due to nature and other outside forces.

With that in mind, here are some proven areas that typically offer great bluebonnet sightings around the area (some will require a little driving):

  • Natalia, TX: Their annual Bluebonnet Festival is hosted the last weekend in March every year. For 2020, the festival is March 28 starting at 11 am.
  • Sara McAndrew Elementary: This elementary school out towards has several of their own Bluebonnet patches. Do not visit during school hours.
  • Fredricksburg: Willow City Loop near Eckert.
  • Wildseed Farms: They’ve been growing huge fields of wildflowers for over 30 years! Check the bloom update before you take the time to drive out.
  • Poteet: On Highway 16 as you head toward Poteet as well as FM 476.
  • Park Road 12: Off 281 between Marble Falls and Lampasas
  • McAllister Park: Known as one of the best places to take Bluebonnet pictures in the city.
  • Loop 1604: Between Marbach and Potranco.
  • Northwest Vista College: There are lots of places across campus. Try to the back right of the theater.
  • Patrick Heath Public Library: While you’ll find bluebonnets in various spots around Boerne, driving up the hill to the library is pretty cool.
  • Boerne Skate Park: The park across from Curington Elementary is probably the favorite spot for locals to take bluebonnet pictures. The field is absolutely packed with them.

Have we missed your favorite spot to see Bluebonnets near San Antonio? Tell us where to go in the comments: