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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of me and my husband taking the kids on a big family vacation. If there was ever a year to do that, it was this one. So, after plenty of discussion our family and some friends decided to plot a course and rent an RV to create some important family memories. We thought that planning and renting an RV would be more difficult than it was, but we learned a lot in the vacation process. RVshare ended up making the process a breeze. If you’re considering the idea of taking an RV on the open road, these tips might help make the process an easier one. I know they helped us!

If You Have a Question – Just Ask!

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This might seem like it’s a given, but we had some questions when we were with the owner and we just assumed that we would figure it out. We didn’t want to burden the owner of the RV with what we thought would be a silly question. The reality is that the owner would have been happy to answer any questions we had because they wanted us to have a great time from the minute, we stepped into the RV. We didn’t ask the questions that came to mind and had to figure out a few things ourselves, making the adjustment period a little longer than it had to be. Next time, we know better!


Expect a Learning Curve

Unless you’ve rented or vacationed in an RV, you can expect that the first few days are going to be a new experience. The good news is that you’ll learn everything you need to faster than you might think. Within 48 hours all of the bells and whistles will become familiar and you’ll be hooking and unhooking your RV at campsites like a pro. Just take your time in the beginning and before you know it, you’ll be comfortable getting things done so you can enjoy your trip.


Think About Park Requirements

Another thing to consider is the size of your RV. Most people aren’t normally driving anything with size requirements, but that is a consideration when you’re dealing with an RV. Obviously the parks, you’re visiting shouldn’t have a problem accommodating you. However, if you’re sightseeing you might find some roads that have size/height requirements or parking structures that cannot accommodate your RV. Having a good idea of where you want to go and what you want to see will cut down on some of these issues.


Bring a Bike or Rent One!

We thought about bringing a bike or renting a car or motorcycle and I’m glad we did. Of course, if you’re not planning to spend tons of time outside your campsite, you could call a Taxi or a rideshare service if you want to go sightseeing. Having additional transportation will help you avoid any restrictions you find when driving the RV on regular streets. This just keep your vacation smooth and enjoyable and cuts down on detours or other issues.


Get Ready to Relax

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Even if you think you’re not a camper, an RV might change your perspective. There is something wonderful about being able to sleep in a regular bed but still spend your day out in nature, cooking at a campsite, and meeting new friends in the spot next to yours. We had a great time and it was only enhanced by the lovely scenery and the people we met. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in a long time and the whole family enjoyed it equally!

I am so glad that we took the plunge and headed out to see the country in an RV. The whole family is looking forward to future adventures now as a result of this one trip. If you’re ready to rent an RV, check out our RVshare review to learn more about this amazing service.

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