what's in season Texas

Whether you’re looking to find a place to pick fruits and vegetables with your family or you want to focus on buying and eating foods in season, it can be tricky figuring out what grows when. For that reason, we’ve put together this helpful chart that shows what’s in season in Texas. Note, this guide focuses on both Texas fruits and vegetables in season.

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Peaches are a big deal in Texas, especially in the Hill Country. That said, it’s worth noting that different varieties ripen at different times in the time frame the chart provides. In general, Springold, Bicentennial, and June Gold are in season at various times in May. June comprises Garnet Beauty, Sentinel, harvester, and Loring. July geatures Redglobe, Redskin, Dixiland, and Jefferson. And Jersey Queen last into the first few days of August.

What about oranges? Oranges are in season from November through May, and represent many varieties as well, similar to peaches.


Questions about What’s in Season?

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Lynn Miller