paper crete dome marathon

Austin might think it’s weird, but West Texas is sneaky strange. Don’t believe us? Then head out to Marathon and stay in this bizarre papercrete dome structure to see for yourself.

Located on the edge of Marathon, which is considered the gateway to Big Bend, this 225 square foot studio is one of several strange structures on the premises. Ideal for a solo traveler or a couple, it may sound small, but it has everything you need. And it rents on average for about $80 a night.

The inside is as bizarre and artsy as the outside. According to the home listing, it was “constructed in the manner of the ubiquitous conical structures in Southern Italy, all through desert communities in the Middle East, Africa.” Take a look for yourself:

The property includes other “experimental structures” for you to browse, such as the Beehive seen below:

But it’s not just about the strange structures on this property. When it comes to West Texas, you have to take in the night sky. You’ll see more stars than you’ve ever seen anywhere in your life (probably). And there’s a viewing deck on the property to really take it all in.

And if you don’t know anything about Marathon, it’s a great little town at the foot of the Glass Mountains that you have to experience to understand. This article probably does the best job of explaining it that you’ll find anywhere.

Want to check it out for a romantic getaway? Learn more here!

Lynn Miller