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  • I will always have my phone on if I am away from home.
  • I will always answer calls from my parents.  If I miss a call, I will call them back immediately.
  • I will always be completely open about my cell phone usage.  My parents will always know my passwords and are allowed to check my history, contacts, photos, texts, emails, etc. at any time and without warning.
  • I cannot have social media accounts until I am 13, and promise not to sign up for them without parental knowledge prior to that date.
  • I will not use my phone during meals or family time.
  • I understand that having a cell phone is a form of communication and is NOT a replacement for actual face-to-face interaction with my friends and family members. When I am with friends and family I will put my phone away and make it my priority to be SOCIAL!
  • I will not give out my phone number to anyone I don’t know.  
  • All contacts in my phone must be approved by my parents.
  • I will not use my cell phone when I am at school, should be doing homework or while I am at church.
  • I will not send inappropriate, hurtful or threatening texts, take or send inappropriate photos nor will I send or forward inappropriate texts or emails.
  • If I receive inappropriate texts or emails, I will not delete them but I will show my parents immediately.
  • I will not say or do anything on my phone that I wouldn’t do in person with my parents listening.
  • I will not enable or disable any setting on my phone without my parents’ permission.
  • I will put my phone on the charger by 7pm during the week and 8pm on the weekends.
  • It is my responsibility to keep the phone charged.
  • I won’t leave my phone where it shouldn’t be and I will know where it is at all times.  
  • I understand that my cell phone can be taken away for disrespectful and/or disobedient behavior, including (but not limited to) talking back, fighting with siblings and failing to complete household responsibilities.
  • I will abide by the aforementioned rules or my cell phone will be confiscated or usage will be severely restricted.

I acknowledge that having a cell phone is a privilege. It is a tool to be used with respectfulness and wisdom.  I am a fortunate tween to have a smartphone and I realize that this privilege comes with additional responsibilities.  

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