Texas Ghost Towns - 40 Haunted Places in San Antonio You Can Visit

Texas Ghost Towns – 40 Haunted Places in San Antonio You Can Visit

Something is exciting and intriguing about exploring abandoned places. They’re rich in history but also have a mysterious and eerie vibe.

If you love to dip your toe in the spooky and scary, you should check out Texas ghost towns. Not only do they hold the secrets of the past, but some ghosts of the past might still be roaming the streets.

From counties with alleged haunted places San Antonio offers like hotels and towns with a handful of people, to places with nothing but ruins, you’ll find what you’re looking for here!

Here’s our list of Texas ghost towns near San Antonio.

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Texas Ghost Towns – haunted places to go that take less than 2 hours to drive from San Antonio

1. Catarina

ghost towns in Texas

Description: The town of Catarina was founded as a railroad junction. According to legend, it was named after a woman who was killed in the area, when a standoff occurred during the 1700s. The town had a post office, schools, and a thriving population. Unfortunately, the town’s economic decline is due to a shortage of water and a generally bad economy. There are still residents in the area, but there are just less than a hundred, making it one of Texas’ semi-ghost towns.

Driving Time: 1 hr. & 49 mins.

Address: Texas 78836

Area: Dimmit County

2. Helena

Description: Helena, the former county seat, was a very auspicious city. For many years it was the most important city between San Antonio and Goliad.

Today, it’s one of Texas’s ghost towns with several abandoned structures that have been restored into museum pieces: The 1873 courthouse, the old post office, the John Ruckman Home, the Sickenius farmhouse, and the jail.

Helena was once known as “the most violent place in the Old West.” This could be the reason for all the alleged hauntings and ghost sightings.

Driving Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Address: Helena, Karnes County, Texas

Area: South Texas

3. D’Hanis

Description: As of 2000, this small town had a population of 548. It has remnants of its past, including historic buildings and ruins.

Driving Time: 1 hour

Address: D’Hanis, Medina County, Texas

Area: Texas Hill Country

4. Luckenbach

LuckenbachImage credit: Luckenbach Texas FacebookDescription: Although one of Texas ghost towns, Luckenbach is iconic and very well-loved. It’s famous for its country music heritage and laid-back atmosphere. You can listen to country music under majestic oaks.

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