It’s our main focus at San Antonio Things to Do to bring our readers the most events possible for the best prices around. In order to do that, a lot goes on behind the scenes. We use a lot of tools and software to make our job both more effective and easier.

One of those tools is Coschedule.

We use Coschedule to manage tasks for writing, editing, and even social media campaigns. We’re able to assign a variety of tasks with just the few clicks of a button. This gives us more time to find good deals for our readers. Do you need a blog or marketing tool to help ease your schedule? If you do, you should keep reading our CoSchedule review to find out more.


What CoSchedule Offers

CoSchedule has a near-endless number of features that are going to make any webmaster’s job an easier one. Each tool is designed to make your job easier, faster, and more efficient. It’s far more than just a calendar. While CoSchedule could work for small and large content-management websites, it’s particularly helpful if you’re running a website while managing a team of writers, editors, and other professionals.

It’s hard to pinpoint our favorite CoSchedule features, but some of our favorite features include:

  • The ability to organize and setup a publishing schedule
  • A chance to sync to your WP and other blog platforms
  • Syncing to social media platforms including FB, Twitter, and Instagram
  • A one-stop calendar that guides you through all publishing phases
  • A way to assign tasks for all of your team members from idea creation to marketing
  • The ability to monitor popularity of posts, social media engagement, and more
  • Filter options allowing you to see more of what you need, when you need it
  • And much more

When you’re running a website, one of the most helpful tools is the one that allows you to streamline the process from planning to publishing, marketing, and beyond. This is what CoSchedule does and that’s why we love it.


How Coschedule Works

CoSchedule helps you to create more content while lessening the need for things like chat programs, to do managers, email lists, Google Docs, and/or spreadsheets. Instead of relying on a basket-full of programs and moving between them on the daily, you can use CoSchedule and get all the same things done in a fraction of the time. This allows you to put out more content and have more free time to enjoy the rest of your day.

The best way to sing the praises of CoSchedule is to give you an idea of all that it can do. Here are some of the tasks you can accomplish with CoSchedule:

  • Draft creation for future articles (Plan articles as far ahead as you want)
  • The ability to assign tasks to your team for writing, editing, social media management, SEO, and more
  • A comment area so your team can reach you with questions, updates, or comments
  • A chance to check the tasks assigned to see what’s been finished and what’s in progress
  • The ability to monitor post popularity, social media engagement, and more

Any of these features would be great on their own, but when you add them altogether it allows you to run most elements of your website in one spot. You’ll be able to create posts, monitor progress, answer team questions, create and later monitor social media posts, and get a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not. The fact that you can do all of this in one spot means you’ll have more time in your day and a more efficient website at the same time.


Using CoSchedule on San Antonio Things to Do

For us, CoSchedule is used on a daily basis. Thanks to the amount of time it saves us and how many problems it eliminates, it’s impossible not to rely on it like we do. From the first idea for a new post to engaging on social media after it’s published, we use CoSchedule every step of the way. We assign posts daily for weeks in advance and we are able to assign specific jobs for each phase of the publishing process. Once everything is assigned, we’re able to keep up on what progress has been made for the day. This allows us to know what each team member is doing and what needs to be done. It allows us to get everyone in our team the work they need so that we can get that content our to our readers.

Before CoSchedule, planning and behind the scenes work to coordinate and schedule posts took hours. We’ve easily cut that time in half thanks to CoSchedule and we couldn’t be happier about that.

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