SeaWorld Family With Dolphins

Looking to visit the San Antonio SeaWorld with your family & friends? Check out these San Antonio SeaWorld upgrades that can elevate your experience. Our top picks include All Day Dining Deals, Dolphin Encounters, Reserved Show Seatings, etc.


Deal Alert: For a limited time, you can get admission to both SeaWorld & Aquatica for just $49.99. That’s a 41% saving!!!


San Antonio SeaWorld Upgrades

  1. All Day Dining Deal

All Day Dining Deal

Enjoy hassle-free dining with the All Day Dining Deal. The deal allows you to pay one price and eat and drink all day long. It includes an entrée and a side item at a frequency of once every 90 minutes. The deal is valid only at SeaWorld San Antonio. Adults pay $39.99 /ea. and children (ages 3-9) pay $22.99 /ea.

  1. Reserved Show Seating

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Enjoy guaranteed reserved seating at participating shows. It is only valid at Orca Stadium, Beluga Stadium & Sea Lion Stadium. Prices start at $14.99 /ea.

  1. Quick Queue Unlimited

SeaWorld San Antonio Tickets

With this one, you do not have to stand in lines at SeaWorld’s most popular rides. You can get reserved seating at participating shows. Now, including all-ray Texas Stingray! The benefit of this upgrade is that you get priority entrance at participating attractions and get reserved show seating at participating performances. Prices start at $24.99 /ea.

  1. Dolphin Encounter

Image Courtesy – SeaWorld San Antonio

Experience an up-close encounter with Bottlenose dolphins. For ages 3+, prices start at $35.00 /ea.

  1. Shark Tour

Discover the incredible diversity and design of sharks. Visit our 450,000 sq ft. aquarium to explore how SeaWorld cares for these creatures. Prices start at $10.00 /ea.

Image Courtesy – SeaWorld San Antonio

While we list these upgrades for you, please click here to know about the various terms and conditions and rules and regulations associated with these upgrades.

SeaWorld Tickets, Hours of Operation and COVID protocol

For a limited time, you can get admission to both SeaWorld & Aquatica for just $49.99. That’s a 41% saving!!!

Consistent with CDC guidance, guests are required to wear face coverings while indoor.  

SeaWorld San Antonio is open from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m on Saturdays and 10:00 am to 9 pm on all other days. 


About SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio is a marine mammal park spread across 250 acres of land. Additionally, it serves as an animal theme park and oceanarium. The park has a range of attractions that include roller coasters, water rides, etc. It is situated at 10500 Sea World Dr, San Antonio, TX 78251, United States. To know more about the park, click here.


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