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Sometimes the journey is just as fun as the destination. That’s especially true in the case of Regency Bridge.

The Regency Suspension Bridge is the last suspension bridge in Texas that’s open to automobile traffic. The bridge is located in Regency, Texas, and spans the Colorado River 23 miles away from Goldwaither. The bridge links together San Saba and Mills counties.

The history of the bridge was originally built in 1903, but gave way in 1924. It was then rebuilt in 1939, primarily by hand. Finally, it was restored in 1997.

The bridge looks really cool from a distance, but to really understand it, you need to take a drive over it. The views are unmatched. And best (or worst) of all, the bridge bounces and moves as you go across it. It will sway in the wind and even make creaking noises. As scary as it is – don’t worry. That’s what suspension bridges are designed to do!


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#Repost @pstorm1 with @repostsaveapp · · · The Regency Bridge, locally known as the “Swinging Bridge,” is a one-lane suspension bridge over the Colorado River in Texas. It is located at the intersection of Mills County Road 433 and San Saba County Road 137, both gravel roads, near a small community called Regency. The bridge saddles the Colorado River between Mills and San Saba counties. The main span is 343 feet long, but counting the approach spans, engineers list the bridge’s overall length at 403 feet (122.8 meters). The wooden deck of the bridge is 16 feet across. It was built in 1939, with most of the work being done by hand. An earlier bridge constructed in 1903 collapsed under the weight of a herd of cattle, and a later bridge built in 1936 washed away in a flood. The Regency Bridge was restored by James Harris in 1997, with then-Governor Bush attending the re-dedication service. This was a major event for the community of around 25 people. Local teenagers accidentally set the wood surface on fire on December 29, 2003, burning a hole in some planks and causing $20,000 in damage. The bridge was repaired and reopened to traffic in early 2005.[ After closing in late 2014, the bridge is once again open to traffic. In 2005, the Regency Bridge became the last suspension bridge in Texas open to automobile traffic. #regencybridge #jeeprenegadelife #jeepbuownersoftx #jeeprenegadeowners #omahaorange #jeeprenegade #jeepbu #renegadelife #jeeprenegadeexperience #trailhawk #renegadejeep #jeeprenegade2016 #jeeprenegadestx #bfgko2 #bfgoodrich #bfgoodrichko2 #avidessentials #avidteam #eibach #eibachsprings #mayhemwheels #mayhemwarrior #rockyroadoutfitters #supersliders #teraflex #teraflexsuspension

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You can also park and walk the bridge as well. To get a better idea of the bridge, you can read reviews on Trip Advisor.




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