Oak Valley Stables

Horse Riding Lessons in San Antonio – Image Credit: Oak Valley Stables Facebook Page

If you’ve always been captivated by cowboy movies about the Wild West and are looking for horseback riding in San Antonio, read on. We’ve compiled the best list for you. There are a ton of places that offer horseback riding in San Antonio with a range of adult horseback riding lessons, including picking your own horse, learning different riding techniques, and leisure rides for experienced riders. Most ranches are on large acres of land and retain well-kept horses, so you may explore the lovely pastures with ease.

Below are the top 10 places that offer horse riding in San Antonio:

Adults Horseback Riding Lessons in San Antonio

Turkey Creek Stables Inc

Horse Riding Lessons in San Antonio - Turkey creek stables

Image Credit: Turkey creek stables Facebook Page

Turkey Creek Stables hosts gatherings of people for enjoyment and education. Turkey Creek Stables offers a variety of services, including horse training, horsemanship classes, and horseboarding.

Timings: Tuesday – Friday: 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Saturday: 7:30 am – 1 pm | Sunday & Monday: Closed
Location: 14748 Henderson Pass, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States

Russell Equestrian Center

Come join the legacy with 57 acre facility, spacious outdoor jumper arena, lighted covered arena, dressage arena, small arena used mainly for adult horseback riding lessons.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday: 8 am – 12 pm | 3 pm – 6 pm | Monday: Closed
Located at: 24850 Scenic Loop Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255, United States

Gypsy Farms LLC.


Image Credit: GypsyFarms Facebook Page

Looking for horse riding lessons near me? This is your place. They provide training and continue to rescue, heal, train, and rehome horses in need. They provide a number of services in order to support their purpose.

Open From: Wednesday:  4 pm – 5 pm | Thursday & Friday:  3 pm – 5 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm | Sunday: 12 pm – 4 pm | Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Where: 27747 Ramblewood St, San Antonio, TX 78261, United States

Horseback Riding in San Antonio – Continued

Equal Partners Horsemanship

Horse Riding Lessons in San Antonio - Equal Partners Horsemanship

Image Credit: Equal Partners Horsemanship Facebook Page

This place is a must-go if you’re searching for adult horseback riding lessons near me. Horsemanship training may help you connect with your horse, interact with them, and comprehend their philosophy over time. Learn beside your equal partner and see your personal development.

Timings: Tuesday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm | Sunday & Monday: Closed
Location: 9741 Nelson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78252, United States

T Slash Bar Ranch

T/- has been boarding and training horses upon the venerable site of the Briggs Ranch’s old corporate headquarters since 1996. redesigned and enhanced as a cutting-edge boarding stable.

Located at: 13901 US-90, San Antonio, TX 78245, United States

Kids Horse Riding Lessons in San Antonio

Spring Creek Stables

They offer lessons at Spring Creek Stables on either your own horse or one of their lesson horses. Each student creates a strong, informed foundation from the bottom up with the help of their professional lesson teachers. 

Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 5 pm
Located at: 21860 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255, United States

Oak Valley Stables

Oak Valley Stables

Image Credit: Oak Valley Stables Facebook Page

For those who want the complete horse experience and want to learn to ride properly, Oak Valley Stables is a terrific choice. Lessons may be taken in groups or privately. Private instruction lasts 45 to 1 hour.

Open From: Monday – Friday: afternoons | Saturday: mornings | Sunday: by appointment only
Where: 234 Holbrook Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States

Wrenwood Stables

They provide the best horseback riding lessons San Antonio. You can learn how to work with horses to create a strong human-equine partnership by taking horsemanship lessons at Wrenwood. This involves discovering effective leadership skills, good communication skills, and meaningful connections with horses.

Located at: 23320 Scenic Loop Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255, United States

Blueberry Creek Stables

Blueberry Creek Stables

Image Credit: Blueberry Creek Stables Facebook Page

At Blueberry Creek Stables, they encourage everyone to discover what brings them joy and enjoy it, whether it is horsemanship in general, trail riding, or exhibiting. Every step of the way, they will be pleased to assist you.

Timings: Wednesday – Friday: 12 pm – 8 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm | Sunday: 2 pm – 8 pm | Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Location: 1703 Creekview Dr, San Antonio, TX 78219, United States

Ft. Sam Houston Equestrian Center

A San Antonio horse riding facility where you may board your horse that has a hot walker, a round pin, two covered riding grounds, jumping equipment, and riding paths. Additionally, they provide riding instruction and trail rides.

Open From: Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 5 pm 
Where: San Antonio, TX 78234, United States


So, where to do plan to enjoy some horse rides San Antonio ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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