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This post is sponsored by Payless Power, providing Prepaid electricity for Texas residents 

If you are looking to save money on your utilities, a subscription to a prepaid electricity plan is the best way to reduce your energy usage and cut down on your monthly expenses.

This plan works just like a prepaid phone, where you pay for your energy usage in advance. With this plan, you pay early in the month, unlike the traditional method where you wait for the bill at the end of the month before you pay. One of the attractive features of prepaid plans is that it gives you regular updates that you can use to make a budget and save money. This also helps you to avoid surprising bills at the end of the month. 


Buy only what you need. 

One benefit of prepaid electricity plans is that it allows you to purchase electricity for any amount you want.. For example, if you know that your average monthly electric bill is around $70, you can decide to pay exactly that – nothing more. If in the summer you require more energy, then you can increase it, and if in the winter your energy requirements are slightly lower, then pay less.


A Prepaid plan allows you to budget for your energy usage 

Among the positive things that prepaid electricity plans offer – is cost certainty, which is an essential component when it comes to budgeting. You see, if you are certain of the amount you are going to pay, you can decide on how much you want to spend during the month and how you are going to achieve that.  

This helps to keep your expenditure in check, spending more than what you have budgeted for, leads to unplanned expenditure, which leaves you vulnerable to power disconnection if you don’t top up your account. 


Helps monitor your energy usage rates 

Prepaid plans are in most cases connected to a smart-meter, which enables you to know how much electricity you are using and in turn prevents you from going beyond the limit. Additionally, it also gives you insight on how and when you are consuming the most energy 

This is a very important component when it comes to savings as it enables you to set a target of how much energy you want to consume per month and how much it is going to cost you. Then, through the daily updates that the prepaid plan offers, you can monitor your progress and make the necessary changes. 


No deposit required 

Most electricity plans require a deposit which ranges from slightly less than $100 to over $200 depending on your credit history. This can put a significant dent on your finances but with a prepaid plan, you don’t need to pay any deposit. Meaning that instead of paying that amount, you can save it and do something beneficial with it in the future.  


Prepaid Plan can Help keep your electricity usage low 

Another way to save money with a prepaid electricity plan is to maintain a low energy usage rate. This is quite possible with prepaid as you can simply load up your account with the minimum amount required, then observe your daily energy usage rate. If your consumption is high, you can reduce it by adopting some energy saving tips such as; minimizing the use of electrical appliances, upgrading your bulbs to LED, program your thermostat among others. Read more on how to conserve energy on prepaid plan here.


Capitalize on incentives and discounts 

Most prepaid electricity companies usually offer incentives and discounts from time to time. If you are looking to save some money off your electricity bill, you can watch out for such incentives.  

For instance, Payless Power usually offers several incentives for new clients. A good example is the 20% discount offered by Payless for maintaining an account balance above $35.There is also the 20% FlexPay Energy discount that is available to Payless customers living in Texas.  

Although the amount saved from these incentives might look small, it is money that you can use for something that you’d probably not have purchased or for a service that you would not have received. Additionally, the small savings, if accumulated over time, can be quite a substantial amount of money. 


Apart from being energy efficient, everyone wants to save money and the best way to achieve this is to subscribe to the prepaid electricity plan. This plan is one of the best innovations that allow you to have complete control over your energy consumption and electricity bill. it offers numerous opportunities for you to save some money off your bill. It is also affordable and doesn’t have additional charges like deposit fee, installation fees, cancelation fees among others 

Here at Payless, we are committed to providing affordable and reliable energy to all our customers so as to make life a bit easier. 


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