Spurs Sherbet ice cream


H-E-B is celebrating the San Antonio Spurs’ new merchandise release in a fun, creative, and frosty way. The popular and well-respected Texas grocery store chain is collaborating with the Spurs to create and release a new, multi-flavored ice cream sherbet to celebrate the team’s Fiesta color-themed alternate jerseys.

The new sherbet flavored ice cream is now in store and features delicious flavor mashups of strawberry, blue raspberry, and orange that perfectly coincide with the new jersey colors that harken back to the 1990’s gear that the Spurs used to sport. The packaging of the ice cream is nothing short of well-fitting as it sports a design of the Spurs Coyote that is dunking a basketball.

The release of the highly anticipated jerseys has created plenty of extra publicity for the Spurs, who usually are recipients of much attention from the residents of San Antonio. Since November, fans have been buying up and pre-ordering the 90’s inspired swag while H-E-B’s ice cream hit the aisles last week.

The new and delicious Spurs-themed ice cream is available in stores across San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and areas that are surrounding. It won’t surprise the Spurs, H-E-B or Spurs fans that the ice cream sells out quickly, much as the new alternative jerseys did. Each gallon of ice cream costs $6.16 while pints are listed as the cheaper alternative at $3.07 each.

Should Spurs fans across the San Antonio and greater Texas areas expect more flavors soon? Many speculate that a coffee-flavored Patty Mills Creamy Creations seems like a seamless next step, however, only time will tell what H-E-B and the sports team come up with in their unique and creative collaboration. One thing is for sure: that both the San Antonio Spurs and the Texas grocery store giant H-E-B will continue to remain south Texas staples. 

Caroline Kidd