Teenagers and cars. There are only two words for that combination: anxiety-inducing. So, you want to make sure your kids are learning the right way to drive from the very best experts around. DriversEd.com is the #1 online driving school and an industry leader in teaching drivers education. With online and in person classes, as well as an app, blog, in-car driving lessons, and practice tests, they have all the resources and materials you need to make sure your kids are safe on the road!



DriversEd.com offers programs and solutions for every set of the population. Whether you have a new driver at home or someone in need of defensive driving, this site has it all. They offer online drivers ed, driving lessons, traffic school, telematics, and more. Their blog is one of the leading sources for driver safety tips and strategies. They also help keep you up to date on the latest news and changes to driving laws and issues. To help you develop safer driving habits, their topics range from car accident data to how to help your teen stop texting and driving. They can even recommend the safest vehicles and vehicle test crash data!



DriversEd.com is really a one-stop shop- they have it all! You can sign up to take online drivers education courses then take advantage of their in-car driving lessons. These courses are fun, effective, and help prepare you for your teen’s first license. The course lets you go at your own pace and is packed with interactive features offering the best technology available. DriversEd.com has over 25 years of experience teaching people to drive and is the only school approved by the Road Safety Educators’ Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas.

DriversEd.com doesn’t end when the computer turns off- they have an app for that! Available on iOS and Android, you can get 24 hour access to instructions, tools, and free practice tests. Residents in CA, TX, and CO can even take their courses in the app. If you already have your license and need defensive driving to clear your record, DriversEd.com has you covered. Clear record? Great! Their courses also help people with no record keep insurance rates down. That’s a deal!



Being a parent means worry will never end but with DriversEd.com, you’ll know your child is fully prepared to be on the road. Not only are their courses state- approved for drivers education and safety, but they offer tips and tricks to help you help your child. DriversEd.com knows that parents are the most valuable resource for teaching a child to drive safely- you’re their role model!

In addition to teen training and parent training tools, they have an awesome technology feature which will help you relax and take charge. SMART driving allows for ongoing smartphone-based virtual coaching which gives parents visibility of what’s happening in the car. You can watch how your child is doing from a distance, giving them hands-on experience without sacrificing your peace of mind. Their in-car instructors are patient and friendly and can help your teen get their practice permit and ace that driving test.

Sign them up today!


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