A field of sunflowers, representational image only.

Does your idea of a great outdoor weekend include walking through a 10 acre sunflower field? If so, then you are lucky to be in San Antonio.

Traders Village is creating this flowery haven and has planted sunflower seeds of many different varieties on a 10-acre area. The seeds have already started sprouting and the flowers are expected to be in full bloom by June, as spring morphs into a delightful summer.

Walking through a field of sunflowers basking in the warmth of the summer, as the flowers sway side to side in the breeze and their bright yellow color melts into the dazzling rays of the sun, does add up to a perfectly beautiful day outdoors.

Traders Village is the local flea market which hosts nearly 1000 vendors and all shoppers are welcome here to buy, sell, barter and trade. The sunflower field created by the market is a great way to step into nature, especially for all of us who have been cooped up in our homes in these months of the coronavirus pandemic.

But there’s lots more to do here for families, kids and friends other than strolling through the fields. Traders Village will be setting up a petting zoo, an apple cannon, theme park rides and your usual shopping points.

The best thing about the month-long event is that there will be dozens of photo opportunities, plus a professional photographer to take family pictures which you can get printed on the spot and take home with you.

Some rules for visitors carrying cameras:

If you are a photographer inclined towards taking a few snaps for yourself, do remember that while you can click pictures, you are not allowed to do any ‘set-ups’ which involve shades or screens. You are allowed to bring a tripod with you to mount your lens.

When will the sunflower field be ready for San Antonio?

12 June onwards until the sunflowers fade


You can avail two kinds of admission tickets for this festival:

$7.99 for Sunflower Wristband (All day in the Sunflower Field)

$14.99 for the COMBO: All day in the Sunflower Field and All-Day Ride Wristband (the rides are in Traders Village and not in the sunflower field.)

Other costs:

You can take purchase the blooming sunflowers at the following rates:

$5 for 3 and

$10 for 6.

On the apple cannon counter, pay $5 for 5 shots and $8 for 10 shots.

Parking is $5 per vehicle.


Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

To know more about the Sunflower Field coming up in June and find out if there are any changes in the schedule due to inclement weather conditions, click here.


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