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There are days where you cook up a meal for you or the family, and then there are days where you order from one of the many San Antonio Chinese restaurants. Either way, everyone is happy and fed. If you’ve called in too much from the same spot, try to switch it up with one of these Chinese restaurants!


Chinese Food in San Antonio – Best Chinese Restaurants

Phoenix Chinese Café

Chinese in San Antonio

Image courtesy: Phoenix Chinese Cafe

Phoenix Chinese Café is a cozy joint located in the corner of a shopping plaza. The family-run spot serves up delicious Chinese in the most traditional way. It’s one of San Antonio’s favorite Chinese restaurants. Try from their authentic menu or order a well-known favorite.

Where: 11821 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216


Royal Inn Oriental Cuisine

If you’re looking for Chinese that won’t let you down no matter what you order, Royal Inn is it. This restaurant offers a modern take on Chinese food. With fresh ingredients, you won’t feel guilty!

Where: 5440 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240


Golden Wok

Dim Sum San Antonio

Image courtesy: Golden Wok

For over thirty years Golden Wok has been a San Antonio Chinese staple. With two locations, Golden Wok is easily accessible. You can create your stir fry, select from a variety of dim sum, and more.

Where: 8822 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240


Singapore Chinese 

Chinese takeout might remind you of your college nights… which is why it’s fitting that Singapore II is located close to UTSA. This menu also features Cantonese-style meals.  

Where: 7114 UTSA Boulevard Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78249


Sichuan House

Entree from Sichuan

Image courtesy: Sichuan House

If you like your Chinese food spicy then check out Sichuan House. It’s a top Chinese restaurant in San Antonio known for its main dishes like Kung Pao Shrimp and Sichuan Tapas!

Where: 3505 Wurzbach Rd #103, San Antonio, TX 78238


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Chinese Food in San Antonio – Best Chinese Restaurants Continued 

Bean Sprout

Bean sprouts are a popular vegetable when it comes to East and Southeast Asian food. But don’t worry, the Chinese restaurant in San Antonio is more than that. They serve classic Chinese entrees and also sushi rolls!

Where: 25 NE Interstate 410 Loop # 119, San Antonio, TX 78216


Silver Star Cafe

Chinese San Antonio

Image courtesy: Silver Star Cafe

This Chinese restaurant serves up huge portions. It’s family-owned and has been around for over 55 years. There are traditional dishes like Mongolian Beef or even the option of American food for those who don’t venture out.

Where: 4901 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78214


Golden Star Café

Golden Star Cafe is near Downtown San Antonio. Of course, there’s a twist to this Chinese food. There are Chinese, American, and Mexican dishes! The restaurant looks like a hole in the wall but we promise the dishes are delicious.

Where: 821 W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78207


Ming’s Thing

Chinese in San Antonio

Image courtesy: Ming’s Thing

You might remember her meals from the Pearl Farmers Market… but forget the stand and say hello to the new San Antonio Chinese restaurant! Ming’s offers street food favorites in a modern setting. You now have a bigger selection to order from.

Where: 914 E Elmira St, San Antonio, TX 78212


Sun Sun Chinese

If you’re looking for good Chinese in a sit-down setting, look no further than Sun Sun. With traditional Chinese like Beef with Broccoli or Sweet and Sour Chicken, you’ll love the portion and the service!

Where: 5137 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229


Honestly, you take a chance whenever you order from a new restaurant. But these Chinese restaurants are on the list for a reason… delicious dishes, great lunch specials, and big portions – try one next time you have the urge to call your regular Chinese place!


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