Cinco de Mayo kids San Antonio

Cinco de Mayo 2021 is tomorrow – Wednesday, the 5th of May.There is a lot going on to commemorate Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio, which has a strong Mexican heritage. Families will engage in a variety of activities and celebrations. There are also the Cinco de Mayo food and drink specials in San Antonio. However, many parents want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home with kids and are unsure of what events, foods, or games are common for Cinco de Mayo.

We’ve compiled a list of fun and inexpensive Cinco de Mayo party ideas for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and older children. Also, learn about Cinco de Mayo fun facts for kids and the easiest and most delicious Cinco de Mayo food and snacks that your whole family can enjoy!

Cinco de Mayo Fun Facts For Kids

  1. Who celebrates it? People of Mexican ancestry in the United States commemorate Cinco de Mayo. It’s also observed in some parts of Mexico, such as Puebla. This day is also observed by many non-Mexicans.
  2. Mexico’s Independence Day is not May 5th. It’s a day to commemorate the victory of the Mexicans over the French in a war. On September 16th, Mexico celebrates its independence.
  3. Did you know that about 70 million pounds of avocados are eaten in the United States during Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo Kids and Toddlers Activities

  1. Make Papel Picado: Papel Picado is a fun and simple to make traditional Mexican decoration. What you’ll need is some bright paper and a pair of scissors.
  2.  Mexican Hat Dance: The Mexican Hat Dance is a fun game that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Dancing around a sombrero is a fun way to imitate Mexico’s national dance while also making your kids burn off some steam.
  3. Make Maracas: You’ve heard maracas if you’ve ever heard a mariachi band! These instruments are simple to build. It’s easy to find plastic maracas that can be unscrewed and filled with beans. You should then shake them and teach your children to keep time.

Cinco de Mayo Arts And Crafts For Preschoolers

  1. Ojo de Dios crafts: Preschoolers will enjoy making the Ojo de Dios craft. It could be easier for this age group to draw the ojo de Dios (which translates to “God’s eyes”) on paper rather than using yarn and sticks. The traditional method for making Ojo de Dios crafts is to take two twigs, glue them together in the shape of a cross, and wrap yarn around each of them. The craft, on the other hand, can easily be transferred to paper.
  2. Draw a picture of the Mexican Flag: Since Cinco De Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory over the French, what better way to commemorate the occasion than by making your preschoolers draw the Mexican flag?
  3.  Make a homemade Poncho: Ponchos made at home are a simple and fast craft to do with younger children. You can easily cut arm and head holes in an old sheet, a towel, or a pocket.

Cinco de Mayo Trivia Games And Quizzes For Children

  1. Go through the history of Cinco De Mayo: Even most adults believe Cinco De Mayo is a day to commemorate Mexican independence. Take advantage of this holiday to teach your children about why Cinco De Mayo is so important.
  2. Give background on the Ojo De Dios Craft: Frequently, children create traditional or holiday crafts without realizing what they’re doing. Rather than simply allowing children to make papel picado or Ojo De Dios crafts, provide them with a brief history of the craft and why it is still important in Mexican culture today.

Cinco de Mayo Kid Snacks And Food Recipes

1. Make Homemade Sopapillas: Homemade sopapillas are a delicious Cinco de Mayo snack that you can make with your kids. Enable them to assist you in mixing the dough batter and adding the ingredients that make sopapillas so good, such as cinnamon, sugar, olive oil, and more sugar.

2. Make Mexican Street Corn: Making Mexican street corn with kids is simple and enjoyable. Sour cream, cheese, lime, and chili powder are all you need to make it on the grill. Allowing your children to roll the corn in these ingredients before grilling is a simple way to include them in some fun Mexican traditions.