My kids will only be young once and I want to remember the sweet, smart, and funny things they say. Here are their latest thoughts on moms and dads and who makes the stuff that fills our home.

My three-year-old yesterday:

3yo: “Mommies and daddies have to do LOTS of things.

Me: “That’s right. What kinds of things do you think mommies and daddies have to do?”

3yo: “Well, daddies have to cook supper.”

Me: “And what about mommies? What do they do?”

3yo: “Mommies have to buy things!”

I’m glad to see he’s paying close attention to the rather awesome example my husband and I set for him. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy something.

My six-year-old yesterday:

6yo: “Mom, I read tags on stuff a lot.”

Me: “Oh, really?”

6yo: “Yep. And the tags always say, ‘Made in China.’ Seems like everything’s made in China!”

Apparently I need to brush up on my knowledge of international imports and Chinese/U.S. economic relations if we’re going to be able to continue that conversation. Either that or I should only buy U.S.-made and locally-sourced products. *hangs head in shame*