Doseum at Home

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The DoSeum is one of the hottest spots in the city that has been victimized by the current situation. This fun place serves as an interactive museum to teach families about many science theories and facts. The DoSeum was a fan favorite of many families and field trips because it is educational while keeping everything fun. But the COVID-19 situation has caused the building to shut down to protect the population.

All of the exhibits are catered towards kids to teach them complex STEM subjects. But they have invented a way to keep the education going at home! The DoSeum website contains activities for kids to complete at home and learn from the safety of the indoors.

DIY Activities

The website contains a bunch of DIY activities that families can complete at home together. These activities range from creating your own comic book to fashion projects! Each of the DIY activities have articles describing exactly how to complete the project safely at home. No matter what your tot is interested in, you’re sure to find a way to keep them entertained by encouraging to make their own fun!

Ask a DOer

The DoSeum also has articles covering important topics for kids to be able to understand them. In fact, they have created a comic to explain what the coronavirus is in a way children will comprehend. This way your tikes will have non-stop learning from the people who run the DoSeum answering all their questions.


Is your child getting tired of you reading the same books? Well, have no fear because the DoSeum will help you with that too! They have different videos reading stories out loud. This way you can keep your kid entertained with multiple family-friendly books to take up their time in quarantine.

Although the interactive family museum has closed down to visitors, their site has more than enough information to keep your tiny tots entertained and learning from home. Check out the website and all of their activities here!