face mask

As restrictions continue to relax around the state and new virus cases are beginning to increase, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff has requested that Governor Greg Abbott issue a new  executive order that would allow local jurisdictions to deem face masks mandatory.

While private businesses are allowed to require face masks, Abbott made it clear that local governments could recommend but not require them like they once were. He also made it clear that fines could not be issued for not wearing face coverings.

Wolff said that “as a result, we see fewer and fewer people wearing face coverings and rates of infection are increasing.”

“If we are going to be successful in the reopening of our economy, we need to put in place some mandatory health requirements,” Wolff said. “The most important of these is the requirement to wear a face covering within six feet of another person. If this trend continues, and I believe it will, we will see an increase in both the burden upon our community and the need for additional resources to combat the COVID-19 crisis.”

There is no word at this point if Governor Abbott will grant the request or not.