Photo credit: Whataburger

Whataburger is getting a new look. The beloved San Antonio-based fast-food chain is about to undergo an extreme makeover. While the infamous burgers and fries aren’t going anywhere and the restaurant’s iconic orange and white color scheme will remain n tact, Whataburger’s new look will feature an updated, sleek vibe.

Since the Chicago-based investment firm BDT Capital Partners purchased a majority stake in Whataburger last summer, the company is looking for new opportunities to update and expand across Texas and the United States. Whataburger was formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1950 and recently debuted its first updated storefront in South San Antonio. The remodeled location is at 7007 S. Zarzamora St.

James Turcotte, senior vice president of real estate at Whataburger, calls it “really a merger of new and old,”.  Turcotte comments on the renovations and explains that “We have gone to great lengths and effort to try to maintain the linkage to our past, because we know, particularly in Texas, that people’s grandparents have eaten there, their parents have eaten there, they’re eating there,”

There are currently two other San Antonio locations that are in the throes of attaining Whataburger’s new look as well. Turcotte says that over the next eight to 10 years, all of Whataburger’s current restaurants should be remodeled. This is a big task to take on as the chain is made up of more than 700 company-owned stores and almost 130 franchised stores in 10 states.

Thee Zarzamora Whataburger received a “super remodel” when it was gutted and refurbished, and many other locations will get the same treatment, while other existing locations will only get a facelift that consists of smaller changes such as an upgraded exterior, an updated kitchen, and dining room, or a new exterior and kitchen.

Whataburger’s new look and refurbishment will not affect the coveted Texas menu. Turcotte says, “We know we’re a burger company, and we’re focused on burgers, fries, and drinks. And we want to make sure that that’s what our customers can always count on us for,”

Along with Whataburger’s new look comes a plan to expand into new markets in Kansas City and Tennessee while also bolstering its presence in the South.