state park

This upcoming New Year’s Day, tell 2020 to “take a hike” through leading by example. 

Texas State Parks are encouraging locals and visitors alike to partake in one of its First Day Hikes. This initiative invites participants to run, walk, or bike through any designated state park or natural area as a way to ring in the new year. 

Getting outdoors has always been important; fresh air and nature are two of the cornerstones of health and wellness. With that being said, outdoor activities have become more of a priority than ever, especially in terms of physical health. 

With COVID-19 still prevailing, a new year’s resolution to hit the gym may not be the most health-conscious choice. Through this annual program, Texas State Parks advise you to hit the trail instead! The First Day Hikes program serves as a reminder to get creative about having a healthy lifestyle. 

There are thirteen state parks within a short driving distance from San Antonio. Each of these parks is an adventure in itself, full of natural beauty, wildlife, an assortment of trails, and more. With this generous number of parks around you, there’s no excuse to not get outside and try something new! Who knows — a quick day trip could lead you to your new favorite spot. 

In order to keep up with CDC guidelines, Texas State Parks are currently limiting capacity. To make sure you and your loved ones can take a First Day Hike, reserving day passes ahead of time is encouraged. Registration can be found on the Texas Parks & Wildlife website, in addition to more information about safety restrictions and First Day Hikes offerings. 

Set the stage for your new year in one of San Antonio’s state parks. The First Day Hikes program is a great way to prioritize health, explore your city, and make memories you can return to throughout the year.