What San Antonio bloggers are writing about: September 8 - 14, 2014

In case you missed it last week, please note: ALL San Antonio bloggers (not just mom bloggers!) are invited to link up their posts here all week long.

And now, a few highlights from among the great posts shared here last week:

From Dionna at Beauty in the Storm, who seeks CONFIRMATION.

And Amanda at Optimistic Heathen, who bravely shared her results from a lot of PERSPIRATION.

To some of Handmade Mood’s gorgeous DIY home decor for fall INSPIRATION.

To this hilarious post by Brandi with I Can’t Hear Myself Drink, who waves goodbye (or, is it, gives the finger?) to summer in her ongoing DEDICATION to making us laugh.

San Antonio bloggers, I’d love to read what you’re writing this week! Link up your posts, all week long, here:

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