Weekly Link Up for Feb. 3 - 9, 2014

I spent Saturday with some smart San Antonio bloggers (Stacy, Melanie, Claire, Amy, Shari, MollyKim and a blogger I just met that day, Teresa) and about 100 other women and men, discussing the topic of body image and redefining beauty with the help of Karen Walrond and local art collective, Mas Rudas.

If you think, even for a moment, that media doesn’t shape our culture and values or that we’re not in the middle of a backlash against women in our country, visit The Representation Project for some disheartening facts.

Gatherings like the TEDxSanAntonio salon on Saturday and the conversations coming out of it (and after it) make us even more aware of the media we and our children consume and how much of it is negative toward women (and, quite frankly, how much of it tells men what they should be too, and how dangerous that can be).

Women control 86% of the purchasing power in this country. It’s up to us to “vote” with our wallets and to shove this negativity out of our lives and our culture with our viewing and media consumption habits.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Visit the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Facebook page to see photos from the event.

If you write about the TEDxSanAntonio event, I’d love for you to share it here, as well as anything else you’re blogging about this week!

San Antonio Mom Blogs' Weekly Link Up

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