Rainbow Loom Recipes: a Flipboard Magazine dedicated to finding the best Rainbow Loom tutorials

If tiny rubber bands fall out of your dryer every time you take clothes out, you might be the parent of a loomer. If you now have more rubber jewelry than real, in every shade to match every outfit you own, you might be the parent of a loomer. And, if you can’t go anywhere without your child dragging her (or his) beaten and battered, yet still fully functional, Rainbow Loom along, you are, most definitely, the parent of a loomer.

Delaney started using a Rainbow Loom about six months ago and she fell instantly in love. But, just a few days into using it, she ran out of ideas for things to make and frustration set in. I suggested we search YouTube for inspiration and we found many videos; some wonderful, others not so. We decided to weed out the good from the bad and collect them all in one place so Delaney could go through them when she wanted to use her loom (which is ALL THE TIME, by the way). I created a Flipboard Magazine, Rainbow Loom Recipes, that she accesses, easily, from my iPad. Together, we’ve curated more than 50 top-notch tutorials, photos, and videos of the coolest Rainbow Loom creations around.

Tons of tutorials for how to make the coolest Rainbow Loom bracelets and creations around

Thanks to a bump in readership this weekend after Flipboard featured Rainbow Loom Recipes in their #MagsWeLove section, the little magazine I started with my daughter, just for her, now has over 700 readers! If you’ve got a loomer in your midst, you’ll want to check it out. You can view our magazine in the Flipboard app on mobile devices or on the Web. Delaney and I are adding the best new “recipes” as we find them.

Does Rainbow Loom loom large at your house too? 🙂

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