Viewers can now watch Hamilton on Disney Plus. The incredibly popular Broadway hit Hamilton is now available to stream on Disney Plus. And although Disney Plus recently shut down its free trial program and you’re required to pay to watch, many people suspect that the paywall will not slow avid Hamilton fans down.

If you’re still not sure if you’d like to pay to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus, CNET’s spoiler-free Hamilton review may help you make up your mind. You can also watch the trailer here. The award-winning musical is a modern recreation of Alexander Hamilton’s life and journey to becoming an integral role in the foundation of the United States. Lin-Manuel Miranda created Hamilton and has received the proper accolades for his witty, informative, and entertaining smash hit.

If you watch Hamilton on Disney Plus, you should know that it was recorded with the original 2016 Broadway cast, which showcases a predominately diverse crew of Black, Asian American, and Latino performers, along with Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. The timeliness of Hamilton’s release cannot be ignored as America exists in a time of political protest against systematic racial injustice, a theme which is mirrored in the musical.

Aaron Burr and George Washington and if you’ve been listening to the soundtrack over the past few years, or were fortunate enough to see the musical in person, you’ll recognize popular songs such as My Shot, Yorktown, and Wait for It. Devoted Hamilton fans can stream the album on Spotify for free.

Here’s how you can stream Hamilton on Disney Plus  as of Friday, July 3rd. Since Broadway shows have been suspended until further notice due to the rising amount of cases of COVID-19, the only way fans can watch the smash-hit musical is on Disney Plus.

Watch it here with Disney+.