Are you looking for the perfect Texas spot to do some safe socially distant traveling? Look no further than Basecamp in Terlingua, Texas. This old west Texas ghost town is the closest town to beautiful Big Bend National Park and is officially home to the first bubble hotel in America. It can be found at Basecamp Terlingua. 

Staying in the bubble hotel in Terlingua promises adventurers seclusion, beautiful nighttime sky views, and a perfect spot to unplug and unwind from the hectic style of modern-day life.   The bubble hotel is exactly what it sounds like. Each bubble style room will be located in a private portion of the land that the Basecamp is found on, so your seclusion is guaranteed. The inside of the bubble rooms is climate controlled and sport clear glass walls and ceilings, so each night you have an uninterrupted and consistent view of the beautiful west Texas stars Each room also comes with a queen-sized bed, a full bathroom, a shower, fridge, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, and an inside seating area.

Each bubble room also has a breathtaking view of the Chisos Mountains, the mountain range that all Big Bend visitors drive for hours to come see and explore. One of the most attractive features of the bubble hotels is that guests are given all the privacy and seclusion of being alone in west Texas, while only being minutes away from bars, entertainment, and restaurants.

If this sounds like the perfect quarantine vacation, you can check the availability of Basecamp Terlingua at Their website is also equipped with a chat feature that will instantly connect you with property managers who can answer questions regarding the property and your future stay. The bubble hotel is an excellent way to take a break from the stress of the pandemic and reconnect with what’s most important under the canopy of beautiful west Texas stars.