San Antonio is losing one of its most unique things to do. Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum, a beloved San Antonio attraction, is moving to a new location in North Texas near Dallas. If you haven’t yet made a pilgrimage to the Toilet Seat Art Museum, you better hurry.

The Toilet Seat Art Museum was founded by San Antonio resident Barney Smith, 97, the curator and owner of the museum. Smith was born in 1921 to a plumbing family in Eastland, Texas. Smith had little choice but to take up the family’s profession but always found himself called to paint and create mixed-media art.

Around fifty years ago, Smith found a set of fifty toilet sets set to be thrown away. Smith couldn’t stand to see the materials wasted and took a few home to paint on. As time went on, Smith found himself called to use the toilet seats as a medium and soon had enough to fill his home. After word spread about the toilet seats, Smith made his home a museum in 1992.

Sadly, the costs and time required to keep the museum running have become too much for smith. Luckily, Texas Truck Yard owner Jason Boso found the Toilet Seat Museum through self-described “drunk Googling” and decided to buy it for his newest location in Dallas.

In late February, the Toilet Seat Art Museum will move to its new home at the Texas Truck Yard’s newest location at the Colony north of Dallas. That means you have almost three more months to check out this quirky and one-of-a-kind art museum right here in San Antonio, but hurry, because some of the seats are already being boxed up. Don’t miss your last chance to visit a true local landmark and one of the most eccentric things to do in San Antonio!