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Each woman is different. We all have a story of our very own and no two stories are the same. While my story doesn’t include much in the way of fashion or jewelry, it does contain love, a bit of insecurity and occasionally some silliness. I don’t know what’s fashionable and I don’t really care too much. I wear what is comfortable for me and when I need jewelry, the pieces must be simple & understated or sentimental.

Village Artisan from Global Purpose

About Global Purpose – 

Owned by Jon and Kaylynn Jordan, Global Purpose is an ethical sourcing company which means they help companies operate more humanely and sustainably. Their Village Artisan line employs women in India to create eco-friendly, handmade goods.

Global Purpose was founded as a social enterprise and created to connect purchases and positive change in impactful ways. This purposeful giving company provides education and income opportunities for women and children living in vulnerable communities, including India, Haiti, and Uganda.

Each piece in the Village Artisan jewelry line is handmade by women in India being paid a living wage to support their families. I like to buy from small businesses or from companies that help others in the way that Global Purpose is doing here. I feel good about my purchase because I know the money is going to a good cause. It helps that the women creating jewelry for Village Artisan are unbelievably talented!

Handmade and Sustainable Jewelry

About Village Artisan – 

The VA Jewelry collection has been carefully designed and handcrafted to create an expression of you and your story. By wearing each piece, as only you can, you are also telling the story of the artisan women in North India whose hearts and dreams are carried within each piece. Their story is one of hope, dignity and empowerment that comes from the opportunity to be trained at a skill and to work at a fair wage in a caring community. 

Village Artisan’s “Made in the Shade” jewelry collection and Freedom Shrugs are available in the HEB Blooms sections at select stores. I found a wide variety of handmade and sustainable fashion. I had a hard time deciding what to buy because many of the pieces were simple and understated but also incredibly beautiful!

I bought the bracelets and earrings as a Mother’s Day gift (shhh – don’t tell!) for my mom. The bracelets are light-weight and even more vibrant in person. I’m not a fashionista but I think they could easily be worn with just about anything! The earrings are light-weight, too, and are neutral so they could coordinate with any outfit.

Village Artisan Necklace

From the moment I spotted it, I knew I had to have the necklace! It’s not something I would typically buy, or wear for that matter, but I adore it! I feel empowered (and a little extra timid) when I wear this five-strand necklace. It’s made with organic materials and each piece is unique from the hand-carved and dyed bone beads to the smooth horn clasp. The fixed clasp is easy to hook on my own and it’s lead and nickel free.

I had no idea that HEB carries handmade, sustainable and gorgeous accessories and I can’t wait to add more of these pieces to my jewelry box. And who knows, maybe my story will evolve to include more fashion and jewelry – even the bold, flashy pieces that make me especially uncomfortable!

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