utsa housing

The COVID-19 situation has created a lot of issues with income. Some individuals are struggling to afford their rent and bills because their industries have shut down. But UTSA is pitching in to help out students by relieving them of rent payment.

Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio have housing agreements that last through the semester. But students have had to leave on-campus housing recently and the school is releasing them from their leases. UTSA reached an agreement with Campus Living Villages, an Australian-based firm in charge of two dormitories on campus. Any students who have been booted from University Oaks or Chisholm Hall are released from rent payments for the remainder of the semester starting on April 1.

Although the campus has been shut down because of COVID-19, any students without another house to move into are allowed to remain in the two dormitories. Those staying in the communities are still required to pay their rent according to their lease agreements.

For those individuals that cannot return to campus will have a remote checkout process. Those already on campus will complete the expedited process to move out. The schools says that any students who have left belongings in their rooms will have a chance to pick them up. Residents who are unable to pick them up can also have the apartment company ship the belongings to a permanent address at the residents’ own expense.

All UTSA students have been asked to move out of on campus housing if possible. If there is no alternative housing situation, they are allowed to remain with their rent and lease agreements still in place.

For more information on how UTSA is handling the COVID-19 situation, students, parents, and faculty can find clarification on the school’s website.