Many universities across the nation are trying to make the decision as to how best to move forward for the Fall 2020 semester. Some campuses have decided to bring students to campus on the person, while others have gone completely online, while others have opted out for a hybrid option. UTSA has decided that students must complete a COVID-19 compliance training form that will be due soon if students want to come back to campus.

UTSA will administer most of their classes online while some students will still need to be on campus for other reasons. All students will be required to take the compliance training that will cover all health and safety precautions necessary to stop the spread of COVID_19 on the UTSA campus.

As San Antonio continues to be a COVID-19 hotspot, many things have changed. Most restaurants, if they aren’t closed, have transitioned out of dining-in to either curbside, takeout, or delivery. Many entertainment venues in San Antonio are also still closed. The city has taken intensive precautions by requiring masks in public spaces and continuing to encourage the remote working culture for most workers who are non-essential amidst the pandemic.

UTSA has created its compliance training form so that all those who may step foot on campus will understand and adhere to all the guidelines that are in place for COVID-19. Hopefully, this mandatory training that the University of Texas San Antonio has put in place will help to slow the spread of COVID-19. In the Fall of 2019, UTSA had 32,594 enrolled. While many students will certainly not be on campus this year because of COVID-19, San Antonio remains to be a hot spot for the disease. UTSA has put out

The has school also published a complete report of its guiding principles that will outline what students should do when returning to campus, which can be viewed here.