Due to everything going on in our country right now, travel has been severely limited this summer. Meanwhile, it’s been super hot, and public pools are closed. Talk about a bad combination!

However, there’s a new service called Swimply — that’s looking to help you cool off and enjoy the rest of your summer a little more.

Swimply is a service that allows homeowners to list their private pools to rent by the hour. And it allows people in the are to rent them out for as low as $15 an hour. It’s like Airbnb for pools!

As of right now, the service has around 4,500 pool listings in the US, Australia, and Canada. In San Antonio, there are 19 pools listed in the area for you to choose from at the time of writing this article. Prices range from $15 up to around $85 an hour, with the average somewhere around $45.

Amenities such as BBQ pits, picnic tables, and restrooms vary by listing.

In this difficult economy, putting in a pool isn’t realistic for many. And above ground pools are experiencing a shortage due to high demand. On top of that, public pools are closed due to the pandemic. However, renting a private pool by the hour can be a relatively affordable and safe substitute.

Sound good to you? Check Swimply.com to see what private pools are available for rent in SA.