usaa work from home

Photo credit: USAA

USAA recently announced that many of its employees will continue to work remotely until the end of the year.  This San Antonio, Texas-based insurance company has come forward in a press release to explain their work from home strategy and why it will be beneficial not only to its employees but also to its customers. As USAA employees work remotely, things have changed, but are still effective.

The statement reads, “Due to rising cases of Covid-19 in some areas where we have office locations and to help us proactively address potential waves of virus spread expected in the fall, we are extending our work from home guidelines through Dec. 31, 2020”

At the beginning of March, along with many other Americans, USAA issued around 35,000 employees to work from home. In the beginning stages of learning how to operate within a world touched by the coronavirus, this was a common decision. The company was optimistic that USAA employees would be able to return to the office at the beginning of September. However, that has not been the case. As USAA employees work remotely, many are finding a new way to exist in the coronavirus world.

There are a number of employees who volunteered to return to work as part of a pilot program. This program that took place over the summer still allows pilot workers to go into the office, as long as the environment is approved as safe for them to be in.

In the statement, USAA also assures its customers and employees that their effectiveness as an organization has not diminished. They explain:

“We are highly confident today that we can run USAA indefinitely from a workforce and technology standpoint, without having to come back to our buildings. In developing our return to office strategy, we’re relying on trusted medical guidance that includes criteria for community readiness; considering federal, state, and local decisions; factoring in employee feedback and other considerations such as school and camp closures and lessons learned from organizations that open sooner.”