Pixel Savvi: unique summer camps for kids that include art and science

This post is sponsored by Pixel Savvi.

When art meets science for summer camp, what do you get? Pixel Savvi – San Antonio’s only digital painting studio. This summer, their Art Meets Science Summer Camp, for kids ages 12+, integrates fun, art, science, and technology.

While learning about scientists, campers paint a portrait of each one on an iPad (provided for each camper to use), engaging teens in a learning and digital experience all at once. Pixel Savvi summer camps strive to spark interest in kids in STEM-related subjects while engaging them in an artistic endeavor.

Science and scientific ideas have long inspired art and artists, from Renaissance man Leonardo DaVinci, to today’s current creators who dabble in anything-goes-art. This amazing program allows young people an opportunity to see that personal connection through art and science…and history too!”
– Susan Greco, Pixel Savvi Art Instructor

How Pixel Savvi Art Meets Science Summer Camps Work

  • Introduce a profile for each Scientist.
  • Identify each Scientist through simple learning concepts and vocabulary.
  • Recognize the contributions of each Scientist to Science.
  • Present a Problem that each Scientist was trying to solve and discuss how their solution changed the world.
  • Provide links to resources for each Scientist (An electronic booklet will be provided to each student for them to review, reference and share.).

Weekly summer camp sessions are held Tuesdays – Thursdays. Pick either a morning session (8:30 am to 12:30 pm) or an afternoon session (1:30 pm to 5:30 pm). Each session is $200 per week + $15 for registration and supplies. Campers paint two scientists each day (for a total of six per three-day session) while learning about their contributions to science. Print and digital copies of painted images are sent home. An iPad and a stylus is provided for each student to use during camp. And, campers can bring food and drinks to enjoy while they paint.

To register your teen (ages 12+ – 18) for Pixel Savvi’s summer camps, register here.

In addition to summer camps, Pixel Savvi offers fun painting sessions that are perfect for social gatherings, date night, girls’ night out, birthday parties for teens and adults, alumni gatherings, corporate events, and team building.

For more information about Pixel Savvi summer camps or their other events and activities, contact Mary Ann Samuelson at maryann at pixelsavvi dot com and 210-547-3809. Pixel Savvi is located at 11854 Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX. 78230 (in The Elms Shopping Center).

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